Pitbulls: Gladiators of Cuddling

>> You’re thrown in a cage. For years you’re poked, prodded, zapped and slapped. Food is withheld for days at a time. The only promise of food comes from stepping into a ring where people are shouting all around you. If you win, you see another day. More than that; you get attention, you get to eat. The more aggressive you become, the more you’re rewarded. Would you choose to sit down and stay complacent in that situation? Or would you fight back?

This was the intention of the pitbull’s invention. Terriers were bred with bulldogs to make the resulting animal as muscular as it was agile. They were gladiators of their genus. Making the spectacle illegal did little to quell the battles. Rome had battled dogs throughout their empire. Great Britain would do the same despite government decree. When English immigrants came to America in the 19th century, the sport followed. This became what the pitbull was known for. Even today, people look at pitbulls and equate them with monsters. Montreal is the most noticeable instance in recent events. They’ve made headlines through the act of declaring pitbulls illegal.

So. The question that must be asked now is if there is any precedent to this law. And the answer to that is a definite no. One species of dog can’t be nullified by the actions of the past or what a few have done. If that was the case then there are plenty of people with skeletons going generations back in their family tree. Should those people be jailed or ‘put down’?

If, despite that, you say yes then we need to look further into the pitbull’s past. There are hundreds of photos from their start in America that show them lovingly alongside families. Pitbulls were often made part of families due to their loyalty. They were hardworking, all-purpose dogs that were ready for any task. They still are. Need a nanny? The pitbull has you covered. Looking to save lives on the frontlines of war? They did that throughout the Great War. Pitbulls broke their backs on farms and served as resilient mascots.

No matter the task, the pitbull is just happy to be included. Give the dog love and it will return it a thousand times over. Treat it badly and it will still try to keep you happy. Pitbulls have the sort of strength and dedication that anyone could learn from. <<