New Music Review: Local Natives, Sunlit Youth

>> You might have never heard of the indie rock band, Local Natives, who are based out of Los Angeles, California. Taylor Rice, Kelcey Ayer, Ryan Hahn, Matt Frazier, and Nik Ewing are Local Natives, and they are just starting to make big waves on the alternative scene, since their conception in 2008.

Their most recent album, Sunlit Youth, has been on my top played music list since it came out in September. Sunlit Youth was produced with the help of Infectious Music and Loma Vista Recordings. Infectious Music has signed bands such as Alt-J, Bloc Party, and The Temper Trap. Loma Vista Recordings has signed artists such as Iggy Pop, Marilyn Manson, and St. Vincent. I have been a fan of the band since listening to their album Gorilla Manor, which came out in February of 2010 and their new album did not disappoint. Each song seamlessly fits together with the next, making the album a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece. Sunlit Youth has become the soundtrack to my daily walk around the neighborhood with Taco, and it makes me love every second of freezing my ass off while waiting for her to stop sniffing around and get moving.

Sunlit Youth has not strayed away from the original sound of the band that people fell in love with while listening to Gorilla Manor. The band has managed to expand on their catchy harmonies, lyrics, and accompaniments to produce this hit album. This new album showcases mature side of the band as they sing about their struggles and living life without consequences. It’s an album that bares it all. Every emotion, without fear of criticism or shame, is exposed. The radio-ready hit, “Fountain of Youth” is the new anthem for millennials ready for change, amping up the listeners with the refrain of “We can do whatever we want / We can say whatever we mean.” While the song “Coins” uses raw and unbridled emotion to encourage you to feel the meaning behind every lyric.

“Time stands still and then one day it's gone,

Where did it go? Where did I go?

We couldn't wait to grow old, But I can't fight the feeling anymore.”

The lyrics to each song are poetic and sincere. “Psycho Lovers” expresses the loneliness and wanting that everyone can relate to at some point in their lives. “I've got her violence in my dreams / I've got her makeup on my teeth / We're all hysterical for love / A love to lean on.” In my opinion, the only song that doesn’t seem to fit seamlessly within the record is “Sea Of Years.” The beat and overall eerie opening of this song is drastically different from any other song in the album.

The album moves from upbeat songs which make you dance around in your kitchen, to beautiful ballads you can belt out in the shower, to songs that will make you feel free while driving with your windows down. The gorgeous vocal swells, contagious beats, and overall feeling of comfort sweeps you in and gathers you up in a warm cocoon of emotions, welcoming to your ears. If you’re into bands such as The Head and the Heart, Foals, Fleet Foxes, and Bon Iver, I highly recommend giving Local Natives a listen! <<