The New Mastersounds & Turkuaz hit Anthology!

>> The New Mastersounds is a funky rock band, the emphasis on funk with a spattering of blues. This four person band consists of a guitarist, bass player, drummer, and pianist/organist. Everyone in the band was dressed in button up shirts, the lead guitarist even had a spiffy pocket square. The crowd loved every minute of the wah wahs, piano solos, and rhythmic beats. Piano solos put Schroeder (the kid who played the piano in Peanuts) to shame! You could consistently hear people hooting and howling with approval. Looking around in the audience I didn’t see anyone standing still, everyone was dancing or moving in some sort of way to the beat. It was contagious. The music brought together all different types of people. During their set the New Mastersounds kept surprising the audience with new musicians. When their friend, Greg the saxophonist (who is apart of Turkuaz), joined them he fit in perfectly adding just the right amount of pizazz. Later we were graced with the lovely voice of Josh Schwartz (who is also in Turkuaz) it brought the band’s sound to a whole other level. MAGNIFICENCE! Schwartz then picked up the baritone saxophone for the next song and killed it with his solo. I was blown away. The surprises didn’t end there! The saxophonist (Greg) and the baritone saxophonist (Josh) were then joined by a trumpet player, Chris Brouwers, (also in Turkuaz) which amped up the crowd and amplified the funk. At this point the funk was unstoppable! Yet there was one more addition to the band, two female vocalists! They introduced them one at a time. Sammi Garett then Shira Elias, and you guessed it both of them are also in Turkuaz! Both of the singers complimented each other beautifully and their harmonizing was insane! Sammi Garett with a strong yet higher pitched voice, while Shira Elias had a deeper and full bodied voice meant for belting it out! I can see why these bands play together so often.

The headliner was the band you’ve heard so much about already, Turkuaz. Turkuaz, Brooklyn born, had a similar sound to the New Mastersounds but it was heavier on rock rather than funk, with a hint of blues seeping through. Digitonium, their latest album released in 2015 aims to please a more mainstream audience featuring sounds from the 80’s that put a groove on the beat that really makes you want to shake. Turkuaz loves to feed off the audience, performing live shows that make the ground shake with heavy funk basslines and dance- worthy beats, leaving fans wanting more. There are nine members in the band. Each member of the band was dressed from head to toe all in one color. Bright blue, dark blue, white, orange, yellow, pink, red, green, and black. The heels that the female singers (Sammi Garett and Shira Elias) wore were teeteringly high but their height did not faze these two professionals, their synchronized dancing was not affected! The bold sound accompanied by a heavy bassline with trumpet and saxophones echoing the melody was unbelievably catchy and I instantly found myself dancing along. Screeches, whoops, and whistles of encouragement intermittently erupted throughout the crowd. Each solo whether by one of the vocalists, one of the guitarists, or even the trumpeter was breathtakingly astounding. I left the concert knowing one thing...the funk is real and it cannot be stopped!

Turkuaz is constantly on social media, releasing videos that have reached 2 million views. You can always find them on rotation on SiriusXM and Spotify or on the move, on tour on the mid to upper east this December. Turkuaz wishes to push their sound as far and wide as possible, gaining a fanbase that has already made them the next “on the verge” band. <<