>> Walking into the Harmony House is so surreal every time. This strange venue is a large white house on East Main Street in Webster, New York. The walls are red striped and there was a fully decorated Christmas tree in the corner on the right side of the stage. The stage is wide and meant to be performed on in this unusual venue and when you jump up and down, you can really feel the floor shake with the weight of enjoyment from the audience.

I arrived at the Harmony House to support an emerging artist who goes by the name Frames. Frames is Will Mangiamele, a talented lyrical wizard who slays with his storytelling, song diversity, and beautiful enunciation. This man, as he says in his song Flex, " I'm so versatile, I can rap, I can sing, I can do anything..." Frames is not lying! Each song had a drastically different beat to it, a different emotion to set the tone. His set was killer and the crowd was swaying to each and every song. I couldn't even believe that this was his first actual performance! If you haven't heard his music you can check it out on

SoundCloud -- https://soundcloud.com/framedmusic <<