Album Review: OHS, Long Legs

The other day I had the pleasure of seeing OHS at the yards. This is the band that Overhand Sam, from Maybird, plays in as the lead singer and guitarist They are the most interesting band I have ever seen live. They have a garage rock sound, gritty and raw, with the energy of Sex B-Bomb from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Overhand Sam's energy is infectious. At one point Sam played an Omnichord 100, which looks like a strange futuristic tablet made by Microsoft. It was the most unusual instrument I have ever seen and the sounds that come out of this weird contraption are just as strange as it looks. There is a noise guy, who has a massive thick beard and huge aviator resembling glasses, who flicks switches, turns knobs, presses buttons and all of these eerie and alien-type sounds emit from his chaotic looking equipment stand. OHS has a drummer, bass player, and someone on the keys. There are a variety of styles on their album Long Legs ranging from folk to psychedelic to garage rock I could listen to this album all day and that's exactly what I did!

Long Legs starts off with the song "Sonder" which is very futuristic noises accompanied by guitar strumming. This whole song is very eerie and otherworldly, the ambient music you would want to hear while at a planetarium. There are no lyrics just a beautiful melody and building base line. The next song "How Do I Know?" has a trippy yet eerie sound with soft and grungy vocals by Overhand Sam. The song completely changes at 3:43 and picks up the tempo with a catchy base line. "How Do I Know?", is almost cut into three different parts with the drastic change in tempo, bass line and melody. The third song on the album, "Two Cliffs" happens to be one of my favorites. It starts off with guitar strumming which turns into an intricate riff joined by lyrics and whistling, reminding me of old school Bon lver, very folksy. The last two songs, "Coma (Returned)" and "Nothing Worse Than Waiting" are also my favorites. The soft psychedelic touch and rough low vocals in "Coma (Returned)" is very mesmerizing, the feel echoes the lyrics within, "Is this all a dream?" The last song, "Nothing Worse Than Waiting", has a beautiful falsetto that is paired quite nicely with a vocal effect and piano and drums that eventually pick up the tempo. Lyrics to this song are very introspective, And I've found that nothing, is more difficult than waiting for your only one. And I've found that waiting might be the only answer if love is what you want."

Overall, you should listen to this album. The eerie variety and number of interesting and beautiful songs will captivate your creative mind. Long Legs is already on my favorite albums list.