Recap of the 4th Annual Ugly Sweater

>> Badger Booking’s 4th Annual Ugly Sweater show rocked the California Brew Haus this past Saturday as total of nine bands, dressed in their own unique Christmas outfits, hit the stage to play original music along with a chosen song to follow the spirit of the holidays. Floated Magazine was able to co-host this year's Ugly Sweater show which featured bands that were local and out of state. A variety of sounds such as indie/alternative and punk rock could be heard throughout the night, along with renditions of classic holiday songs like “Holy Night” sung by Logan Van Epps of So Last Year. The night was colder than predicted, but the Brew Haus lit a convenient gas fire that kept the bands warm while they set up, as the audience eagerly waited.

First to play was Dimension 66, a rock band originating in Brockport, less than 20 miles outside the city of Rochester. Their rock’n’roll style and upbeat attitudes had the crowd already moving their feet and feeling ready for the night to come. Holley Street Ivory came next, a college garageband with a substitute bassist, playing various 90’s pop like the infamous “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer, as well as alternative rock that much of the audience could relate too. HSI’s corresponding ugly sweaters and vests were perhaps the best ugly sweaters of the night. Immediately following, Jul Big Green came on stage introducing the audience to a new approach to pop by throwing beats and short guitars riffs behind lyrics. Jul originally grew up in New York, but has since been living in Cleveland, Ohio, his particular style consists of pop and electronic indie beats. Contrary to Jul’s love for the color green, as shown in the album All Things, he wore a simple sweater that night that got a few positive comments by the crowd. Pilot the Universe, an all-boy band kicked off a set after Jul Big Green, singing songs similar to Green Day or The Black Keys. Their set consisted of multiple original songs produced by the band itself, like their newest song, “Koto”. Chil Rockband, a pop-punk band covered the song "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots and featured many more songs played from their current work under a new label with the drummer from All Time Low, Rian Dawson.

The smell of onion rings and wings wafted around the room as the second set began with OneLevelLower, an indie trio band that had introduced a new member that night, making them an official group of four. The band played music by one oftheir favorite artists, The Beatles, while wearing vibrant and festive suit coats and slacks, coining them the most dapper band of the night. So Last Year followed after giving a shout out to the Floated Magazine crew that attended, singing progressive punk rock music early on and finishing with two beautiful, well played christmas songs sung by the lead vocalist, Logan. Up to rock out next and amp the crowd for the final band was Nerds In Denial, a young band featured in Floated Magazine's first issue that has a style nearly parallel to Tame Impala. Performing songs from their most recent album, the members of Nerds In Denial all let loose and had a great time, finishing off their set with a spin off a holiday song referencing hash brownies. To close out the night, Daily Milestone performed some fun, energetic indie music that got the crowd clapping and warmed up before the walk out into the cold snowy night. The band is releasing new music soon and hopes to return to the California Brew Haus next year (along with all the other bands that played) for the 4th Annual Ugly Sweater show. <<