>> A small company known as Dan & Gary games is currently in the process of developing their first game, an RPG known as Super Daryl Deluxe. In this game, the player will take control of high school student Daryl as he battles sentient art supplies, Honors students, and of course, one of the greatest evils in this world today: Self-help book authors hell-bent on brainwashing the world. Daryl battles these foes with different weapons, abilities, and skills in a number of different dimensions, filled with over 30 different enemies bent on destruction.

If all this seems a bit strange, that’s because it’s supposed to. To better get the idea of the game, you might want to know a bit more about the company. Dan & Gary games was started as a collaboration between two friends, Dan Plate and Gary Porter. The two have known each other since middle school, so this partnership is not surprising. The company has its roots from one particular vacation during college, when Gary showed his long time friend the concept for a game based on people they had known during high school. This concept is what eventually became Super Daryl Deluxe, and what led to the company as a whole. While the concept has developed a great deal from that point, elements still remain.

Dan & Gary Games is looking to bring something a little different, yet familiar, to the gaming market. Video games have come a long way graphically since the days of systems like the SNES or Sega Genesis. Today, it seems, developers sometimes focus more on if you can make out a bit of lettuce stuck in an NPC’s teeth rather than making a game you actually want to play. Even more, they crank out pretty much the same game every year with a different skin, designed to get boring just around E3. Which, coincidently, is when the next game is announced. The goal of Super Daryl Deluxe, according to Gary, is to shift focus more towards giving the player a good time and creating a unique, fun atmosphere. The side scrolling action is hardly the latest Call of Duty release in terms of graphics, but that is part of the fun and charm that is being infused into the game.

A big part of this is the art style. The game intentionally uses few colors, a choice made to distinguish it from other games on the market. It is designed to be surreal and a bit cartoonish, which can be really be expected from a game with self-help authors as the main antagonists. The style feels like a (very good) margin doodle come to life, with all the wonderful absurdity that goes with that.

As mentioned before, the game will be centered around Daryl’s battle against evil self-help authors. During Floated interview with Gary, we were wondering why self-help authors. His response was it was “a silly way to be brainwashed”. These sinister forces have unleashed all sorts of interdimensional absurdity upon Daryl’s school. Aside from these main antagonists, Daryl will battle their brainwashed Honors Student lackeys, living school supplies, and other monsters. Each level takes place in a classroom, so these enemies will take the form of parts of that room. For example, in the music room will contain sentient instruments to battle, the science room a barrage of living chemistry equipment, so on and so forth.

The game is an action-RPG, so there will be, of course, plenty of opportunity to level Daryl’s skills up. Players will have over 40 different abilities to choose from, as well as an arsenal of swords, bows, and other fantastical arms at their disposal to level up and use. Players will be able to have 4 weapons and special attacks available to them at a time, so you will have to really choose your playstyle. As you level up, you will also gain access to better and better equipment, giving you incentive to rack up as much XP as you can.

So where can you play this game? Unfortunately, since Dan & Gary Games is a small company, going has been slow. Super Daryl Deluxe will not be available for some time, with the projected completion being Spring 2018. However, once it is released, the game will be available for purchase on Steam. Dan & Gary Games is looking to the future as well. “Success for us is to sell enough of this game to make another game”, said Porter. And from what I’ve seen of the game, that should be no problem. <<

https://danandgarygames.com/superdaryldeluxe http://store.steampowered.com/app/361230