Sunday Night at the Bug Jar

>> A cold Sunday night called for a trip to the Bug Jar, as musical guest, Pray for Sound, came all the way from Boston, Massachusetts. Doors opened at eight with the opening band, Memphis Green, starting promptly at nine. The three-man band started the night off with a set of crazy rock instrumentals, tying each song together with a series of jams quite similar to the style of the Grateful Dead. Memphis Green’s hard sounds and intense strumming amped the crowd for the next opening band, There I Say Is Lightning, currently an indie rock trio with a flavor of acoustic Americana. The band was extremely excited to play that night, quoting from their recent post on Facebook, “Come get wild with us on a Sunday after this sweet n' tasty Bills victory!”. Needless to say the Buffalo Bills won earlier that day and the band rocked out the entire venue from end to end.

Pray for Sound hit the stage at 10:15, playing a set of post-metal jams that had heads bobbing almost instantly. Most of the crowds had left and those who stayed enjoyed listening from the bar and center stage sections, many of the fans posting videos of the band on social media as they jammed. As the night came closer to the end, Pray for Sound played a more progressive rock set that included sounds one may hear in My Bloody Valentine or Tycho. The band finished off the night at exactly eleven, as the few remaining fans hesitantly move towards the doors and the last bugs at the bar finished their drinks. Pray for Sound looks forward to coming back to Rochester in the near future to hit the Bug Jar for another fun night of music and socializing. You can find Floated magazine at our booth located in the front of the venue at the next event we’re covering, so be sure to stop by! <<