Making BAYNK: Building a Concept in EDM

>> Floated Magazine sat down with BAYNK, a European DJ, this past week to learn more about his journey as a rising DJ in the overpopulated culture of EDM. Being quite new to the scene, BAYNK, real name Jock Nowell-Usticke, enjoys creating EDM music that alters the perception of the mind by engulfing the listener in a realm of blissful sounds and chopped up lyrics. Nowell-Usticke, originally from New Zealand, attended college at Canterbury University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. After graduating in 2015, Nowell-Usticke knew engineering wasn't the right path for him, finding much more interest in creating and manipulating sounds to create EDM mixes and short jams. So naturally he stuck with it. As a youngster, he dreamt about being a DJ and playing electronic music in front of thousands, but his dreams were put on hold as his parents introduced him to the piano, which he stuck with until the age of 12. Once free from the instrument, Nowell-Usticke was able to explore the culture of EDM and develop a name for himself in the music industry.

BAYNK told Floated Magazine that he had never thought himself as a DJ until two years ago when he first began experimenting with a mixing table and software during his college experience; his style included recording a single instrument or sound all the way through, then adding or removing bits and pieces “Until something clicks." Most of the music he releases revolves around this concept, such as his hit single, “Could You” which includes beats that sound much like Tchami or Touch Sensitive’s style. Floated asked BAYNK how EDM and its culture affects his image as an artist. His response was a lot like others, telling us that although EDM music is “An escape from reality, a distraction, but it comes with a lot more than fame and fun.” "Production and writing EDM mixes take a lot more than just a sound table and a couple hours of your time. In today’s music industry, the EDM culture is more than just a stage, lights, and a few beats, it’s about developing a certain sound that reflects a certain style or evokes a feeling or emotion." BAYNK brought up a point saying that although “Music is amazing but if you aren't moving, smiling, and enjoying it as much as you can, the crowd won't feel that."

Our final words with BAYNK included a short conversation about the future of EDM, telling us that he sees EDM and pop culture exploding in the next few years, surpassing radio and becoming the biggest music scene in history. Not only does BAYNK believe in the future of EDM, but he hopes to create a name for himself that will echo throughout the history of music.

One last question for BAYNK before the interview came to a close: What song do you suggest for anyone with a love for EDM? “Sunset Lover, by Petit Biscuit." <<

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Catch BAYNK at his next show at Rhythm and Vines in Gisborne, NZ this Thursday, December 29th.

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