Reviving Communities Through Artistry

>> Founded in 2012, WALL\THERAPY is local a intervention project in Rochester that aims to promote a happy, healthy community through the medium of graffiti art and murals. WALL\THERAPY is recognized worldwide, with people from over 104 countries visiting the website daily to read and become apart of the movement. Not only is this project a fun experience, WALL\THERAPY has become a reoccurring event in Rochester, with origins starting back in 2011 with their first project, “Visual Intervention”.

WALL\THERAPY has transformed buildings and neighborhoods all throughout the city of Rochester, which has in turn sparked inspiration in other communities to go out and do the same. The murals and other graffiti art have become part of the local scene in Rochester, tying into the fabric and history of the city. Locals take a different route home from work or the store just to pass by these wonderful murals, schools in the area have become so interested in the intervention that some of the murals have been placed on school walls, and even tourists make a stop or two to admire the work. There is no doubt that WALL\THERAPY is doing some excellent work in the community to initiate growth and inspire those to do great!

WALL\THERAPY follows two ideals that make their movement unlike no other. First, they believe that “images heal cities”, which means that through art and imagery the city of Rochester, as well as its inhabitants, can grow because of the connection we establish between art and body. Dr. Ian Wilson, the founder of WALL\THERAPY, wanted to give back to the city that did so much for him, so he created this week-long festival that included 11 street artists from across the globe that painted or “rehabilitated” 16 walls, healing the damaged neighborhoods and bringing new energy to the city. Second, they believe that “images save lives”. While WALL\THERAPY heals cities through art, its sister initiative, IMPACT! (IMProving Access to Care by Teleradiology), does its healing by setting up diagnostic imaging sites in developing countries. The organization raises funds to set up teleradiology services within these communities and grow a network of volunteer radiologists around the world. These doctors use a cloud service to access images and other sources to prescribe the correct treatment. As a result, afflictions that are commonly misdiagnosed are properly diagnosed, saving countless lives. Not only do these volunteers devote their time to save lives, artists also travel to these communities as well, improving life with inspirational murals.

Without a doubt, WALL\THERAPY is doing some excellent work to establish happy and sustainable communities in city of Rochester through the work of art and graffiti. Floated Magazine looks forward to seeing the next installation the organization dishes out to the community, you may even find some of the Floated Staff working with them side by side! In the meantime check out WALL\THERAPY’s website at to learn more about their movement and how you can help too! <<

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