Honest Thoughts With PILLARS

Photo By: Markus Henttonen

PILLARS is a London based musician creating vulnerable music with a mysterious vibe. Her new EP, Honest People, was released December 1st and we can’t stop listening. Recently, we had the chance to interview PILLARS.

Check it out below!

Where in the creative world do you look for inspiration? You mention “diving into the production world blind,” was there anywhere outside the production world that may have influenced your process?

There's so much out there - at our fingertips - it's hard to know what to soak up. I tend to become inspired by personal experiences, or experiences of other artists expressed in an honest way. That's where my songs begin - at something real. Then it's a case of taking it to the box where I draw on stuff I've heard my favourite producers do or something I've seen done in a session that I've been like 'yup - thats slick!'. I am fascinated my religion too - and people, culture, society. Humans are pretty extraordinary animals! I like to take a nugget of research and place it neatly into my music.

Do you find it easier to draw on experiences of pain and perseverance than other sources?

I definitely draw on difficult experiences in a whole load of my music. I've always found it easier to 'sing the blues' - in the most emotive sense of the term. Heartache makes for some amazing music but I don't actively seek pain. Life is tough and difficult experiences face us everyday whether we've got the most comfortable life or otherwise - they're unavoidable. I cope with those experiences by making music and so I am naturally very telling.

What’s the deepest, darkest thought that you have drawn from creatively? Has it become an end product?

I have this heavy, over-bearing subject that I have always found incredibly difficult to put into song. I realized how much it impacted me after years of struggling to express it. I know that expression can serve as a form of closure but I need a sense of closure externally before putting pen to paper - and in this situation I am far from closure. What scares me is that I might never get closure on the matter which means I'll never be able to express how I feel. How fucked is that? If I do I know it'll make a corker of a song - or perhaps even an EP? An album?