Brooklyn Bazaar NYE

>> Over the past year, I’ve seen more shows than I know what to do with. Instead of staying in to witness that Mariah Carey trainwreck, I decided I’d go out for New Years Eve. I was in New York City so there had to be something worth going to. Luckily there was in the form of Brooklyn Bazaar’s The Greatest New Year’s Party Ever 2017. Believe it or not, I’ve always been a nervous wreck when it comes to going out. I’m a bit of a home body until I hear that music blaring from the PA. Last week was a particularly frightening week for my anxiety for some reason. You never really know when it’s going to flare up. I’d been held up in my house for a day or two dreading the idea of leaving but, in the back of mind, I knew I had to fight it. I knew that once I got out there, I’d be having a blast so I hopped into the shower, took my meds, and left before I could dwell on it any further.

Less than 100 steps from the Greenpoint Ave subway station, you'll find Brooklyn Bazaar. It’s the wonderfully stereotypical sort of event space you expect out of this part of town. There's a definitely a “who gives a fuck, it's fun” kind of attitude kicking around. I didn't expect any less out of a place that advertises a drunken ball pit downstairs. The crowd was still absorbing their first bits of alcohol when the first band of the night, High Waisted, got right down to business. The Brooklyn quartet brought in a scrumptious helping of bubbly and energetic lo-fi surf rock to loosen up the tenseness of early showers. Tracks like the undeniably catchy Party in the Back could seduce even the laziest of dancers to bump up against their fellow concert goer. To finish off the set, Jessica Louise Dye leapt down from the stage to shred on the dance floor which was still filling in. If these guys are ever up in Rochester at the Bug Jar, show up preparing to party.

It was just past midnight when Titus Andronicus took the stage to an ever eager audience. The band was absolutely relentless in its performance and the crowd never gave up, even as the clock ticked toward 3am. The echoes of the crowd during Fatal Flaw. The endless string of classic punk covers. It was an impeccably positive ringing in of the new year all across the board.

We’ve been hearing it all December. Fuck 2016. A depressing election, a slew of celebrity deaths and a dead gorilla dominated the public consciousness. For me, it’s been the best year of my life. I got to talk to musicians around the world from Melbourne to Vancouver. My friends and I started this very magazine/website I’m writing on. I just can’t help but be grateful for this life I’m living, even when I live with something that distorts me to believe otherwise. Cheers to a beautiful 2017 everyone. There’s a bunch more Floated to go around. <<