Slim Jeffries LP Review

>> From the echos and whispers I’ve been gathering over the past year of following and talking to these guys, they’ve grown quite a bit of an audience in the pub scenes of Melbourne. On their first much anticipated LP, Slim Jeffries have spliced the sounds of two intrinsically different bands, Rage Against the Machine and Tame Impala, to deliver something feverishly fresh for our ear holes to digest. Let’s dive into it:

The LP is certainly brief, coming in at a brisk seven tracks, but it more than makes up for it with it’s dynamic performances. Snake introduces the LP with a spoken word allegory, backed by some shoegaze-lite percussion culminating in a bellowing power riff which wouldn’t be unwelcome in any alt-metal repertoire. These rather drastic genre-bending characteristics are littered through the album. Take Fly Asylum. There’s that very obvious alt-metal punk sensibility that bellows at the beginning of the track but just about two-thirds of the way through, it’s power inverts to a post-Neo-Psychedelic textural rhythm with panning atmospheric vocals. It subsequently drops into much more straightforward and rageful Pauline, continuing the momentum already set up by the previous two tracks. Where this album really shows its promise is in its climatic track, Feel the Freak. It rocks a heavy rebel flair, which compounded with an irresistible psychedelic curveball, strikes the nail on the head of what this album seems to sonically be getting on about. To call it a mashup might be discounting just how well these genres can play on each other to create a sound that isn’t just “this band X this band” but rather, a signature of something else entirely. A sum greater than it’s parts. There are admittedly some technical improvements that could have been made on the production side but for a first outing, Slim Jeffries have really set themselves up as a band to look out for no matter where you reside on this big blue rock.

Highlights: Fly Asylum, Pauline, Feel The Freak

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can find these guys playing January 29th to debut their aforementioned new LP at Yah Yah’s in Fitzroy. That’s in Australia. It’s warm there now. I’m envious sitting here in this lake effect fucking snow. If y’all can find me some cheap ass flights I’d be down to check that lovely city out. Someday! <<