In the Studio with - Younger Then

>> Rob Didio got the chance to sit down with Younger Then this past week on Study Abroad Radio, to hear a little bit about the story of the band and how they came about. Rob’s first question, which is a common one was why spell the name with an “e”? They replied with “any direction or anyway we change, we were younger then”. The band just released an EP after many weeks of visiting studios, trying to pinpoint the right place to record, and they are currently recording at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee for their next album. The band tells Rob that they were extremely stoked to crash in the city of Nashville. They were more than happy share some of their experiences like their visit to a honky tonk and the biggest music scene known in the city.

The majority of the Younger Then is from Buffalo, NY however they just added on two members who come from out of state. They hope to reach out to people as much as possible. The band tells Rob they are taking a turn and heading back to Buffalo once again to regain presence in the local music industry. Outside New York, you can find them on the radio and at many music festivals all over the country. One of their biggest events they hosted was Life is Art festival in Fredonia, where the Younger then following is huge.

The members of Younger Then seek to touch up on older music down the road, tweaking a lot of their live recordings to hone in on what's working for them as a band and as an icon. The members openly said they struggle with living in the future, spending much of their time looking forward to the next event or show. However, with the new year the band hopes to grow their connections and take a step back to perfect their original songs.

When it comes to influence, the band pulls from influences such as Kings of Leon, The Killers, and, David Bowie. Younger Then actually recorded at the same studio in Nashville as many of these bands. Once in the studio, they enjoys recording live sessions. In fact, their two most recent albums were taken straight from a live session. The band approaches each song by recording a single instrument first, adding on a new beat as they tweak and perfect their sound. They believe this approach is much more “natural”.

The band has been experimenting with new sounds on their latest album, hoping to branch out their style and attract more attention. Lead singer, Zach Dupuis, told Rob that a few of the songs off the album is more “ambient and effect driven” in hopes that they can show their fans what they are capable of instrumentally, not just vocally. They hope to travel to Chicago soon to shoot their next music video after having great success with their music video for “Crazy”, which was also filmed in the city.

You can find them on Spotify or Amazon, as well as on many other media websites. To purchase their latest album as well as their other music, head over to iTunes and search “Younger Then”. <<