Thailand's Alt-Rock Band: Lomosonic

>> The creator of Floated Magazine, Krit Upra, went to visit his home in Thailand and while he was there he met up with Lomosonic. Lomosonic is a Thai rock band with many musical influences. Their members, Pom, Boy, Piti, and Otto, were all architecture students that managed to find each other to create the band in 2006.

The band had a long journey to get to where they are today: Otto and Pom originally started making electronic music together, but after a while they wanted to do something different and start playing live. They began to look for new members when they came across Boy. Boy was competing in acoustic music competitions at their university at that time, developing his vocal skills, and made a great addition to the band. While exploring their sound they decided they wanted to pursue rock music, being a genre they love performing. At this time they were still searching for a guitarist and Boy mentioned a lowerclassmen at their university who secretly knew how to play guitar: his name is Piti. He joined the band and helped to develop more of their current rock sound.

Lomosonic wasn’t always the name of the band. They were unnamed until they came upon a music festival, Fat Festival, where there were booths set up with producers and studios looking to sign new bands. They needed a band name to put on their demo CD to give to those producers. In search of a name for their band, they came across a boy holding a lomo camera. Lomo was the catchy and short name they had been looking for. However, due to its trademark by the camera company, they had to either add a word to the already existing name or think of a completely new one. The name change happened when they were looking for a recording company, what they came up with is Lomosonic. Pom describes the evolution of the band name during the interview, “we just decided to add in Sonic into it without even thinking about it. We put a reasoning into it afterward with the concept that we all are doing architecture, which relates to lomo in terms of visualization, and sonic relating to sound. Lomo in terms of indie, freedom, and the making of art, while sonic, which to us we see it as a scientific term relating to the sound. So the use of two cores, that didn’t think would merge well together, made it work within the concept. [We are just a] ‘Bunch of architecture kids that want to make music’.”

Lomosonic has an unconventional structure. A vocalist (Boy), two guitarists (Piti and Pom), and a drummer (Otto). Pom also does the backup vocals. Unlike most rock bands, they are missing a bass guitar. This doesn’t hinder them at all, in fact it furthers their creativity! The band loves to experiment with their sound and every member listens to a variety of genres, each of them bringing their own influence to the band. When asked about bands they listen to they came of with a diverse list from The Strokes, Bloc Party, Children of Bodom, and music from various different places such as the United States, Japan, China, and South America. The variety of influences has definitely helped them while creating their new album which will be dropping sometime early this year. This will be the first album that they have produced in four years. Their extreme attention to the quality of sound they’re producing in the upcoming album is something to look forward to.

When asked about the band’s future Boy said, “ We sometimes look at each other and ask ourselves, ‘how did we get to this spot?’ It turned into a full-time job to the point that we can’t even take a break off from it; even with a week break I lost touch with music a lot. Asking what we want to do with the future might be hard, but I know for sure we want to do our best with what we can with our music.” Pom thoughtfully stated, “We want to make music that speaks to us but at the same time speaks to the heart of our fans as well,” always keeping their audience in mind.

Collectively, they all agreed that the live performances is what they enjoy the most about playing music and being in a band. Lomosonic has been able to achieve so much because the entire band is so passionate about the music they produce and perform. Even if there’s not a big crowd, even if they didn’t have fans, it wouldn’t affect them. At the end of the day, the reason they do what they are doing is because they all love this universal language called music. <<