Floated Magazine Ventures to Wicked Squid Studio

>> Adam and Collin from Floated Magazine headed over to Wicked Squid Studios, located in downtown Rochester, and met up with Josh Pettinger, the owner, to get a tour of this soon to be multi-room recording studio. Originally a flour mill, the building has been vacant for over twenty years until Josh and his co workers moved in just last spring. The interior still possesses much of the flour mills integrity, including the wooden structural supports, which still smell of grain, as well as a few old pieces of milling machinery left over from the previous tenants. Wicked Squid has been around for years, catering to artists like Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad and Brownbird. Not only does Wicked Squid provide studio recording services, they also offer video and concert recordings as well. The production group recently moved from their original studio on State Street just north of Kodak, to the location they are at today on Smith Street.

Josh started off by bringing us into the main recording studio located on the first floor. The room was extremely large and housed Wicked Squid’s main recording instruments along with some construction supplies. Unlike traditional studios, the room was entirely open with no spacer between the booth and the recording stand. Josh said this room is extremely unique because of this set up, telling us further that he hopes to keep the room as is to maximize sound quality for drummers. Before leaving the room, Josh tells us that this floor, particularly this room, will be the main studio, or Studio A.

Heading out from the main floor, Josh took us into the garage space, known as Studio B. Inside was a gigantic RV from the late 70s that took up nearly the entire room. He brought us around and into the truck where we got to see and hear a little bit about his past as a recorder/dj. The RV was completely empty besides a single recording instrument slapped right in the middle of the cabin. Josh tells us the backstory, saying that he used to go to gigs and festivals in the RV and sell himself as a sound recorder in any way possible. He toured for about seven years, going all across the country, making bare minimum, until the digital age came about which caused him to have to move away from the mobile recording market.

We continued from the garage space towards the basement. Old equipment from the flour mill along with giant beams of supporting wood lay strewn across the floor, mixed with all of the electrical and drywall Josh and his co workers are working on putting up. He tells us that the basement will house four studios including a tech workshop, which is currently being used by Adventure Audio to make fully original guitar pedals out of. We asked Josh how the progress of the construction was going, and he replied saying that he and five others worked whole-heartedly over the summer and they still have much more to go. Needless to say that the building has a ton of potential in addition to the fact that their progress is already taking shape.

Viewing the other individual studio spaces in the basement, Josh explained that the band, Komrads*, will have their own recording room and the basement will also hold a lounge for relaxation and downtime. An interesting remark Josh also made, was the fact that he and his co workers are routing the entire space to run off a multi pin patch bay. This means that each studio can use equipment from another, and have it run through to the corresponding booth/studio. This saves time for the studio crew and allows artists who are recording to have equipment options to choose from.

Before Floated Magazine said their goodbyes, we headed up to the top level where Josh and his co workers live. Created in a bachelor pad style, the floors are elevated and the entire space is nearly open besides for each bedroom that carried Josh’s five sleeping roommates. The view of the city was incredible, with the Genesee River flowing to the left and a glimpse of Wicked Squid’s old studio to the right. It was a great way to end our tour at Wicked Squid Studio.

A special thanks to Josh and Wicked Squid Studios for letting Floated Magazine take a tour of the new recording studio despite it’s current demeanor. We hope to see a ton of bands work out of this wonderful space in the future! To check out Wicked Squid’s portfolio or to schedule a recording session, head over to www.wickedsquidstudios.com or call them directly at (585) 546-6133. <<

*Komrads spelling corrected 1.15.17