Meet Periodic Table of Elephants

>> If you’re in the market for something new in terms of heavy garage rock influenced music, look no further than the new EP Henry by Periodic Table of Elephants. This short 4 song EP has the grunge and rock sounds to make your ears want mosh with joy.

Periodic Table of Elephants is a two-piece outfit consisting of a guitarist and vocalist, Jason Pariseau, and drummer Sean McGinnis Scanlon. Hailing from right here in sunny Rochester, New York, Periodic Table of Elephants has been rocking and rolling since 2013. Meeting through mutual friend Greg Horton, the duo that now makes up PToE began playing in Ack!, consisting of Horton on Bass, Pariseau on guitar, and Scanlon on drums. Horton left for Chicago in early 2015, but urged Pariseau and Scanlon to continue on as a band. The name Periodic Table of Elephants was bestowed on them by Horton, proclaiming the new band’s name after a few adult beverages. Pariseau and Scanlon began the band shortly after, drawing on the post-punk they listened to in the 1990’s as inspiration. Henry, PToE’s first release, is the culmination of this, but hardly the end. PToE is ready to continue rocking into the new year.

The EP has so much range within each of the songs. Every single song explores a different side and depth to rock and roll. Jason Pariseau’s voice is the perfect combination of raw and unfiltered sweetness, which adds a new distinctive flavor to heavy rock that I haven’t heard anywhere before. Sean McGinnis Scanlon’s astounding skills are not forgotten, driving the EP with his drumming. He helps to bring the EP to uncharted territory with various toe-tapping, head-bobbing rhythms and unbelievably catchy beats.This collection of music has something for every lover of rock. Looking for a fast paced and catchy hit, a grungy heavier darker vibe with lyrical storytelling, a more upbeat alternative rock song accompanied by beautifully sung vocals, and an angry rock anthem that perfectly channels your rage into music? This album has all that!

Although it was extremely hard to decide, my favorite songs in the EP are “Pile of Bones” and “Better Off Dead”. “Pile of Bones” starts off with a rhythmic drum stick click that leads into a soft intricate guitar riff and storytelling vocals. The song building into a stronger rock ballad with alternative undertones. The piece is beautifully constructed with swells of emotion through gravelly yet melodic yells. “Better Off Dead” has the heavy grunge with seeping tones of anger and rage. My favorite lyric, “I’m gonna punch you in the dick”, adds a little surprise humor to the track. The rest of the lyrics, especially the refrain, are thought provoking and add depth to the track making it more than just about hurting others. It is impossible to not want to mosh to this, getting all of your pent up anger and frustrations out while thoroughly enjoying this incredible song.


Their most recent show at the Bug Jar on January 26th was absolutely rockin! Jason's energy and confidence bled through, and was matched with enthusiasm from the crowd, while Sean's drum skills were thoroughly appreciated by bobbing heads. Their jokes to the audience members and overwhelming sincerity made the whole experience better. It was truly special being able to briefly connect on a personal level with

another human being, hearing their emotions and thoughts in lyrics. I left the Bug Jar with appreciation for the band, all the work that goes into being a musician and all of the courage it takes for them to share their art and thoughts with us. <<