An Evening Chat with Lewis Del Mar

>> We got a chance to chat with Max and Danny of Lewis Del Mar, an experimental pop band who made their hard earned beginnings in Brooklyn, New York. They are currently staged in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a show at The Rav and then continuing to Michigan and up through upstate New York, where Floated Magazine will be covering their show at The F Shed in Syracuse...

Max and Danny were extremely enthusiastic about talking with us despite their strict schedule, and we heard quite a bit of good insights and info about the band. They’ve hit 10 cities so far in the past few weeks, enjoying visits to Portland and crazy events in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The two have been great friends since they were 9 years old. Playing in different bands, they eventually moved to New York to create Lewis Del Mar. Infusing hip hop and folk centric sounds into a creative collage, Max and Danny ring in crowds by the thousands.

We also asked what their biggest struggle is as musicians, and they responded saying 'it can be hard bringing every member's sound together to make coherent music'. After releasing their first album, the two evolved personally and artistically, it was challenging to make amends to those previous lives. As a musician, Max says, 'it can be a challenge to get past that'.

We asked what their favorite moment has been in the music industry, and the two expressed their interest in the latest acoustic session they performed, which is a new approach for the band. Not only that, but the two love traveling around the world as best friends, and with a great crew.

A piece of advice to others from Lewis Del Mar before we closed, is to find whatever makes you unique and to be honest with yourself. In doing so your authenticity will sprout and you will attract people.

Max and Danny are super excited to play their latest album at the show in Syracuse on Monday, February 20th, and in the future. They are also playing a show at South by Southwest, as well as a headline tour in the spring. If you can’t wait to hear Lewis Del Mar play near you, check out their music on Spotify or visit their website at <<