Recognizing Talent in the Black Community: Roc Awards 2017

>> This year’s ROC (Rochester) Awards was another great success. Local celebrities, organizations, and individuals who made considerable impacts in the city of Rochester gathered for such a great event at the Kodak Eastman Theater just outside of downtown to receive awards of all kinds in recognition for their talents and impacts.

The night started off with a photoshoot before entering the theater, those lucky guests that took pictures were posed behind white backdrops with advertisements, which made the event all the more like the Oscars. Just a few minutes passed 8:30 the awards began. Nominees for categories like “Designer of the Year” or “Best Male and Female Gospel Artist” were awarded as performances from artists, such as Evolution and Jermaine Barber, entertained the audience in between each nomination.

Afterwards, catering by A Taste of The Bahamas brought much of the audience to the lobby where individuals sold products, like top of the notch bow-ties and scented oils.

We spoke with Jamal, the owner of A Taste of the Bahamas, so you may find him and his restaurant featured on our website soon! Following the event, was an after which certainly ended the night off right! <<