Humble Braggers "I Know Better, I'm No Better" Album Review

Our friends, Humble Braggers, a local Buffalo, New York band is making waves within the community and beyond. This synth pop band has had a lot of success in the past year; Opening for Metric, having their songs featured on two CW shows The Flash and iZombie, and the creation of their new album, they have been very busy! If you haven't heard, Humble Braggers new album was released today!

This is their first full length album and it is definitely worth the purchase! The name of the album is "I Know Better, I'm No Better". This album is a must hear! There are so many catchy hip shakin songs that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Even though it has been really hard for me to decide, my personal favorites are "Losing It" and "Better" and "Falling Apart (Featuring Space Cubs)". There is a lot of variety of Alternative synth pop within this album, yet it fits together perfectly! From intricate guitar riffs to toe tappin beats this album has it all! Krit and I had the pleasure of sitting in on a couple of studio sessions during the making of this album and we were able to see all of the hard work that goes into making beautiful music. This gave me a better appreciation for the music and the crisp sound quality.

Their live performances are truly incredible and I highly recommend seeing them if you can! The emotional lyrics and talent exuded from Matt Chavanne (drummer), Tom Burtless (lead singer, guitarist, and bassist), and Bryan Zells (guitarist, bassist, and vocals) draw you into each song and make you feel alive and connected, feeling the raw energy. They don't hold back. If you're looking to see Humble Braggers play live they have posted tour dates that you will be able to find on: