>> A couple of weeks ago Krit and I had the opportunity to interview The Griswold’s drummer, Lachlan West. The Griswolds are an indie rock band out of Sydney, Australia. Christopher Whitehall (singer), Daniel Duque-Perez (guitarist), Tim John (bassist), and Lachlan West (drummer) are the four members that make up The Griswolds. The band members are all creative people and happened to fall right into the music scene. Lachlan West briefly explained the members paths towards creative outlets,“I know Dan’s parents aren’t musical so he just kind of fell into it in high school. Same with everyone else. I think I am the only one who has musical parents. Dad is a bass player so I was kinda surrounded by instruments and stuff all the time. I think that all of us are very creative people so it’s gotta be some sort of art form that we stick to, whether it is drawing or painting or something like that. It was always going to be something creative.”

Curious about the start of the band, West told us how The Griswolds formed, “Basically we all knew each other from different bands and stuff like that other bands. We we were all playing in different bands but we weren’t the biggest fans of the music, so we started the group with music we actually liked to listen to. We just kind of started from there maybe four and a bit years ago.” The band has changed their sound a little since the beginning, “The music that we listen to is very different now. The amount of touring that we’ve done, the bands that we’ve seen play, taking influences from them, taking influences from everything that we ever hear. It’s always going to develop but it’s always going to be us.” They have been off on tour since they formed around four years ago, touring with big bands such as Passion Pit and headlining tours! This was a huge detail as the band admires Passion Pit, “ [They’re a] Great band we’ve learned a lot from them. Great sound, they’re really good live and they make their live shows sound like their studio album.”

Constant touring and all of their experiences has influenced their songwriting, which has become a collaborative process for the band. Although the singer, Whitehall, is more of the lyricist, when asking about the songwriting process West described the strong emotions that are attached to it, “It’s fun, it’s frustrating, it’s gratifying, it’s disappointing, it’s everything all at once. Until it’s release I have no idea what it sounds like basically, the public’s reaction. It’s a beautiful thing, we really love doing it. If we are not writing music or making something then there is definitely something wrong with us. We need to do it for some reason.” While on tour they occupy their time by playing around with Photoshop, “A big one for us is basically finding live pictures of the group and photoshopping all of the funny faces that we make, if there is a picture of it, photoshopping them and sending them to each other...that takes up a lot of our time. It’s our favorite thing to do!”

The Griswolds were in Buffalo a couple of weeks ago playing at the Waiting Room with Wild Things and Dreamers. The cold weather was a nice break from the hot weather in Australia, “There were three days in a row that were around 115, it was ridiculous! I actually saw a video pop up on twitter the other day of a policeman in Australia had a frying pan on the hood of his car and the egg fried very quickly!” They have plans to play at a couple of music festivals in America this summer and an Australian tour as well.

Australia has been known for videos of people trying to catch big spiders, so naturally we asked what the scariest animal is that they have ever encountered, “There’s been times where there is something called a funnel-web spider from Sydney, and I think they might be the deadliest spiders in the world. There’s been times where I have been outdoors and they’re a foot away from me. But the spiders don’t scare me too much for me. It’s snakes. I can’t stand snakes and they’re everywhere too!”

The band has been hitting all the goals that they’ve set for themselves, continuously growing in popularity, and staying away from snakes. In closing we asked them what they wanted to say to their fans in the United States and Upstate New York and we received the most heartfelt response. “We love you all. I’m amazed every time one person buys a ticket to a concert, that’s huge for me to think that people would spend their money and come and take pictures. If one person buys a ticket, whenever how many hundreds or so people do it in one night that’s incredible!” We cannot wait to see where these successful and talented musicians will go and we await for their return to Upstate New York! Until then we will put their new album, High Times for Low Lives on repeat and jam out! <<