The Dirty Pennies Album Review

>> If you don’t know who The Dirty Pennies are I highly suggest that you listen to them! The Dirty Pennies are a local Rochester band that infuses blues with alternative rock sounds and a touch of folk. The Dirty Pennies are comprised of Ryan Klem, who is the lead guitarist and vocalist, Lucas Howe, who plays the drums, and Joe Mungo, who plays bass. Their new album Kick Out The Rocks was released this past Friday and I had the pleasure of listening to it!

If you are a fan of The Black Keys then you will definitely hear their influence while listening to this album, especially the songs “Blood of Me” and “Woman of Mine”. The raw gritty vocals are similar to that of Dan Auerbach’s. Each song on the album brings about a new exploration of alternative rock and blues. I couldn't find a song that wasn't catchy, nor could stop myself from dancing to every single beat! The musical skill this band possesses is astounding and you can absolutely hear it while listening to the intricate guitar solo in the beginning of “Water so Cold”. My favorite songs on the album happen to be “Man on a Wire” and “Blue Hospital”. The beautiful acoustic beginning to “Man on a Wire” with the later addition of the harmonica is the perfect touch. While the slow building guitar and rhythm in “Blue Hospital” lead to heart-wrenching emotion filled lyrics which build ever so slightly.

Variety is what this album is all about, the purely instrumental jam song “Steve’s Song” is the perfect break in the middle of the album. Songs like “Devil Springs” have grittier rock vocals and an ear-melting guitar solo. While the rockin' bar anthem, “The Drinking Song”, has a bit of humor in the lyrics, “I raise my head up tall when I bang it against the wall”, proves that this band has the ability to make any song sound great by adding their own flavor.

I believe that this band will reach new heights in the music industry because of their diverse sound. The range between alternative rock and blues that the band plays does not bore the listener. When I listen to this music I imagine myself in a rustic biker bar in the midwest, everyone standing and swaying or toe-tapping along with the music as the band plays.

I would love to see The Dirty Pennies open up for The Black Keys and I bet they would love the opportunity as the band is listed as one of their influences, which is not hard to hear while listening to the album. Keep an eye and ear out for The Dirty Pennies because I expect they will make it big; I couldn’t imagine a band with this skill, diversity, and unique sound to not break into the industry! I devoured this album, can’t stop listening to it on repeat, and I am ready for what this band produces next! <<

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