Learn about Cannabidiol and a Strain Review!

>> A couple of weeks ago part of the Floated team was in Colorado! We had the chance to learn about the growth process, tour the Rocky Mountain High Dispensary, which will be discussed later in a future feature. We also had the opportunity to conduct a strain review! Before the strain review we are going to pass on our knowledge of CBD in order to educate others on the benefits of cannabis! We hope you enjoy this article as much as we enjoyed being in Colorado!

The cannabis plant has been in the news a lot recently as more and more states are legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana. Cannabis has various effects on the user due to it’s broad chemical compound make-up. There are around 80 different cannabinoids that have been identified in cannabis. Cannabinoids are a chemical family made up of natural and artificially created substances.Two of the most common compounds found in the cannabis plant are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). Cannabidiol can be found in both medical marijuana and industrial hemp plants. There are many healthy benefits to CBD such as: suppression of seizure activity, relaxing properties that help combat depression and anxiety, reduction of nausea and vomiting, and the decrease inflammation. It is currently being studied as a treatment for breast cancer, schizophrenia, crohn's disease, and leukemia.

This sounds too good to be true, right? But it isn’t! There are minimal side effects to CBD and studies have shown that doses of 70 milligrams a day for six weeks were non toxic and the substance does not create a tolerance in the user. As mentioned before you can extract CBD from both hemp and medical marijuana, however the CBD extracted from a medical plant will contain trace amounts of THC. When CBD and THC are combined in a strain the THC enhances the medicinal effects. These types of CBD extracts or these CBD strains containing THC are only legal where medical and recreational marijuana have been legalized. The CBD extracted from hemp plants is legal to purchase and use in any state regardless of marijuana laws.

There are three different ways to go about extracting CBD from a cannabis plant. The first way is by using C02 and pushing it through the cannabis plant at a high pressure and low temperature. The second way uses ethanol, the oil can be extracted from the plant using a high-grain alcohol. The third and final way is to use olive oil in the extraction process. Using C02 is the most expensive way to extract CBD but it allows for it to be extracted in its purest form. Ethanol extraction destroys some natural oils that are beneficial, while olive oil on the other hand adds nutrients. When extracting CBD from industrial hemp you must be careful with the process, some users have experienced becoming severely ill from poorly manufactured hemp extracted CBD.

There are also several ways to use CBD. CBD can be applied as slow release patches, eaten in edibles, applied on skin with oils or creams, added to food, and of course it can be smoked.

Cannabidiol’s benefits should not be overlooked, but more research should be incorporated to fully understand it’s numerous powers. I believe that this substance has the power to heal a lot of ailments that people suffer from with minimal side effects. I highly recommend those with anxiety and/or depression and stomach issues to try CBD as it has worked wonders for me!


Monica’s Miracle (Sativa)


THC: 1.07%

THC-A: 6.43%

CBD: 0.60%

CBD-A: 13.92%

Total: 22.09%


Light and dark greens can be seen in the nugs with amber and dark brown colored hairs. The keef is white in the inside of the nugs.


The nugs are soft and easy to squeeze, not too dense.


Pungent floral smell, similar to walking into a flower shop. Not your typical overpowering dank smell.


A tad earthy tasting. A chemical lemon flavor can be tasted more when smoked for a longer period of time.


Calming, relaxing, dulls pain and feels overall nice! Makes your body feel very stable. A bit of a headrush.


Krit - 8/10 due to the sleepiness felt from smoking

Hillary - 9/10 feeling a little too relaxed, better if paired with a little bit of coffee or in small doses


Those who suffer from aches and pains. After working out if you’re feeling sore smoking this will make you feel like you can work out again. This strain would also benefit people with anxiety and anger issues, the calming effects are incredible!


Krit: Sadnecessary - Milky Chance

Hillary: Exquisite Corpse - Warpaint <<

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