>> Seth Hebert-Faergolzia; musician, father, and one hell of an individual, sat down with Floated magazine’s director, Krit, to chat about Seth’s life and the journey of Multibird. Seth wasn't the only one on set during the interview however, so be on the lookout for content from the other members of the band!

Seth has been intrigued by music all of his life, he was born straight into family full of musicians so he was able to develop musical talents at a young age. His mother is a bell choir director and dad is an orchestra director. Not only that, but his brother is also in the industry. It's a family affair! His first appearance in the music scene was with a band by the name of Dufus, in which he toured with five other members across Europe. As his career progressed, he performed for other bands like The Yeah Yeahs and Animal Collective, picking up new sounds he could experiment with, as well as immersing himself in the cultures of each band.

Seth decided he wanted to be closer to his child, so he moved to Rochester to continue his work. In the early years he played songs with another pop band named 23 Psaegz, and over time he began recording music along with them. Eventually he landed a spot with the band Multibird, and has since collaborated in 20 albums with various artists such as Forest Creature and Heck Yup.

Multibird itself is very much like what the band calls “freak pop”. Dominic, the drummer, says that the definition of pop is extremely broad, but Multibird follows under the category despite what many believe pop music can be. The band strongly believes that the music they play needs to sound good, and if it doesn’t, then it needs to be done over again. Sometimes redoing things means taking a look at the lyrics and making changes. Seth tells Krit that “not writing music is hard, I get mentally ill if I don’t write”, so the drive for creating new music pairs well with the band’s belief in a perfect sound.

Starting out the band rejected money. Some of the members just walked around with no cash in pockets because they didn’t care, but as the reality of life as a musician set in, they found themselves scrambling for any possible profit. Now, the band definitely has their shit together, with booked shows for the next few months at venues like Flour City Station and a multiple song releases on the way.

Krit asked Multibird what some of the craziest things they’ve done since they began, and in return he got a mouthful. The band has been able to meet thousands of new people and have developed rock solid relationships with fans and other musicians, which the band is so grateful for. One of the members reminisces about the time he went skinny dipping in Austria (the band all laughs as they recall), along with countless other situations where the band took a break to enjoy a nice swim and cool off from the hectic life of a touring band.

Before wrapping up, Krit hit the band with one last question that got them all stumped. “What's your favorite song?”. Seth couldn’t even answer because he’s played so much, but the members agreed that the song “Wut Kolors” by Dufus was his most creative and interesting piece.

Be sure to check out Seth Faergolzia as he performs with Multibird and stay tuned for music coming out by them soon! In the meantime, head over to www.faergolzia.com/ to learn more about Seth and the band, along with the tour dates for any upcoming shows! <<

You can also check out a couple of their songs here: