>>Last week I met up with Willie Sanders and Corey Rivers, the co-founders of a new shop opening up on Monroe Ave in Rochester called Classic Feel Vintage. Walking into the shop, I immediately felt like this place had been picked up from a NYC or Boston street and plopped down here in Rochester. The shelves were all empty, the clothing racks full of vacant hangers, but giant fathead decals on the fiery red walls suggested the slick, exciting vibe that’s on its way. Once the doors open to the public on May 1st, the shop will be filled with footwear, apparel, and feature local brands.

The idea to open this store began with Sanders while he was in the military. He’d always wanted to run his own business and figured that this sort of consignment shop would be a great way to surround himself with his interests – Sneakers, Clothes, and Sports. Originally Sanders planned on moving to Colorado Springs when exiting the military, but he realized the opportunity that this shop had for the Rochester market since nothing of its kind exists in the area.

To help get the business running smoothly, Sanders recruited his old buddy and fellow sneakerhead Corey Rivers, who will curate the apparel selection at the shop. “Stuff like band tees, tour tees, athletic stuff like soccer jerseys and basketball jerseys. […] Stuff that you would find in a buddy’s closet and say – man I like that shirt, let me get that shirt […] and bring it to a price that it’s affordable,” says Rivers.

They say that their shop will become a “safe haven” and a “neutral site” for those who are into trading and buying sneakers. “Kids got $400 or $500 pairs of sneakers and some guy wants you to go meet him at the Family Dollar parking lot […] it doesn’t seem like the best situation,” says Sanders. “We want to be a spot where everyone can come and embrace the culture”.

Speaking about the most intimidating part of opening this shop, Sanders shares, “Standing behind that register and looking at the door at the first person walking in […] I think that’d be the biggest relief too.’

Rivers explains, “We’re pioneering something for a community [ in Rochester] that doesn’t really have a voice.”.<<

Check out the shop when it opens up May 1st @ 980 Monroe Ave.

Check out the shop when it opens up May 1st @ 980 Monroe Ave.