Deanna Quinn - Porch Session

For those unfamiliar, Deanna Quinn is a singer – songwriter and pianist extraordinaire, currently signed to ArcAtlas Records. Her Debut self-titled album dropped this past November, and is one hell of an introduction to the world as a solo musician. The nine-track-long record is a beautiful journey beginning with ethereal, gorgeous piano with “Hearts”, progressing into a groovy picturesque journey with “Seasons,” and ending with the crescendo of the drumbeat and larger- than-life vocals guiding us through a soul-touching story of moving on.

I met with Deanna on a chilly spring day at her parent’s home located in Fredonia, NY – where Deanna has just graduated from the SUNY college down the road (Congrats from the Floated Team!). We hung out to chat about life, music, college, and got to hear her play her song “Remedy” on the ukulele – Deanna’s acoustic voice is breathtaking, catches you by surprise, and grabs your attention instantly (Check out the Video Above).

Deanna comes from a musical family, growing up playing the piano with her grandmother and writing songs since she was little. Her early songs (in high school) started out “cute” and were an exploration of finding out which words rhymed and worked well together. “Once college hit is when I started getting really detailed with stories, rather than just vague and generic lyrics”, she told us.

Writing is a great sense of stress relief for Deanna. She tries to be really detailed when writing lyrically so that listeners can relate very deeply either to her, or on a personal level. All of the new experiences (“so many bad things, so many good things”) that she gained throughout college have made songwriting a lot easier. She rarely will work on just lyrics or just piano at once; usually both elements come together during the writing process.

Deanna states that “working with other musicians, playing with them, seeing them perform is when I really got the grip on what I wanted” She also says that going to college was one of the best places she could have been to meet and work with other musicians. In a perfect world she would love to be traveling playing her music as a full-time gig (Plan A), but just in case she was working towards a degree in music education (Plan B) as a fallback for financial stability. She says finding a balance of “Plans A plus B” is the ideal situation.

Deanna plans to move to Buffalo soon to build her network in the area. The local music scenes in Fredonia and Buffalo offer an incredible amount of support and Deanna has found her music very well-received in both areas. “Doing all these interviews and meeting more people has made me think a lot about what I want to do, and I still have no idea what I want to do” - “For my next project it’s probably going to be an EP, not an album”

You can check out her music online on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and on Facebook!

Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit down in your comfiest chair, and prepare for the ride.