One Fish, Two Fish. Good Shit, BadFish.

>> April 25th I pulled into the Union Place Parking lot just outside Anthology and flicked my roach out. This was my first assignment for Floated and fate couldn’t have picked a more fitting premiere. BadFish was playing tonight. And as any self-respecting beach bum from southern California would know, I was excited to see the performance. A taste of home in our city of music. With that anticipation in mind, I locked up the car, lit me up a cigarette and walked across the street.

Now I’ve been to Anthology before, but only for shows featuring local musicians. The venue has a spacious, open floor plan that can be too large for the crowds local musicians tend to draw. That night was certainly not that; the bar was standing room only and the stage floor was packed like a subway car at 5:00. I arrived right as the openers were finishing up and the crowd was calling for BadFish. It didn’t take long to find the bud. A couple new friends I had made brought in a few joints and we managed to smoke them on the down low with a couple other delinquents with the same idea. This was a proper BadFish concert after all, I would have considered it a complete bust if the smell of reefer hadn’t been floating through the air. My friends and I worked our way to the dance floor and we moshed to classics like What I Got, Pawn Shop, and (you guessed it) Smoke 2 Joints before the night came to a close and we said our goodbyes. Lovely people, great choice in vices.

My first assignment was a success. The venue was packed but large enough to give off the grandiose atmosphere you’d expect for a concert like that. As for BadFish’s performance, the band was a powerhouse. It can be hard to hype a tribute band but BadFish definitely does justice to Sublime. They brought an upbeat energy that fueled our moshing and got the crowd higher than the bud we burned. If you have any interest in ska, make sure you see them the next time they’re in your city, and if you read past “Sublime”, chances are you’re already a fan. <<