Live at Mohawk Place with YALI

>> Last night I was fortunate enough to see YALI perform at Mohawk Place in Buffalo. The harmonies and intricate strumming from both the lead singer Bryan Zells and the bass player Bryan Johnson were exquisite. The feel-good, indie, acoustic, folk vibes were intoxicating and magical. The three piece, normally four piece band, left me awestruck and eagerly awaiting for their next performance! YALI is branching out and their next big endeavor is recording a film score to a documentary about a runner named Joe McConaughy who ran two fifty plus mile races in Oregon and California. The film score will be turned into an album and Bryan Zells and Jack Murphy, the drummer, cannot wait to embark on this new journey of expression! We can't wait to hear more beautiful and entrancing music that comes from the geniuses in YALI. <<