>> From the windswept plains of Texas comes an Electronic Duo known as MISSIO, on a mission to make music and kill Darth Vader with their motherfucking kickdrum. Which is an actual song lyric from their track KDV, but more on that later. The group, consisting of David Butler and Matthew Brue, has been around since 2014. And in just three short years, they have gone from Austin, Texas to a record deal with RCA and tour dates all over the US. Their first record, Loner, dropped earlier this year. This came after the success of their single “Middle Fingers”, which was released ahead of the album.

Who are the musicians that make up MISSIO, anyway? David Butler and Matthew Brue are two dudes who are interested primarily in making tunes and bringing aforementioned tunes to the world. They were more than happy to share their thoughts on more than music, though. They spoke with Floated staff about everything from tour food, strange ways that they have injured themselves, and more obviously, whether they would prefer fighting a bear or a crocodile. The answer to that pressing question seemed to depend on whether or not the crocodile was on land or in the water.

Their rise to stardom has been sudden, to say the least.

It’s almost as though they haven’t realized just how

popular they’ve gotten at this point. They talked about the crowd at a recent gig in Buffalo, a gig where they were the opening act. There was a huge crowd there. To see specifically them. On top of the hipster cred gained from going to a big show specifically for the opening act entails, it goes to show the fan base they’ve built. And they seemed taken aback by this, not even realizing the true size of the crowd they were playing in front of until someone gave them a photo of the event. People are hearing the music, and they seem to like it.

All joking aside, the group ready to get down to business when it comes to writing. While the group has not been able to find a good writing space in the last few months on the road. And that’s not to say they’re not thinking about it, new ideas are always swirling around in their heads. When they’re off the road is when they really get down to business. They meet in a home studio with a stack of demos their producer to knock out tomorrow’s hits, and often these meetings produce some interesting tunes as well, which is evident from the record.

The album, Loner, has much to love if you’re an electronic or pop fan. There’s more than enough heavy, in your face bass, interlaced with some catchy riffs and vocals. I would even say there’s just a tad bit of classic 80’s synthpop poking through here and there. Of course, that’s all I know when it comes to anything with a synthesizer (or after 1967, if you talk to some people I know), so it’s more like when you hear about something and suddenly it’s everywhere. However, I digress. The album begins with the track “Animal”, which builds from silence into the opening lyrics and pounding drums. The lyrics are fun and catchy, and although the album is far from my style I can get into it.

I take particular interest in a track called KDV. Which, clearly, stands for Killing Darth Vader, a track title that really speaks for itself in terms of awesome. Hell, I don’t even like electronic and I still think it’s a great track. It starts out with the line I mentioned before, “Killing Darth Vader with my motherfucking kick drum”. And like most odd song titles, there’s a story behind it. This story begins in the home studio where MISSIO songs are often born. The group was meeting with their producer, Dwight Baker, and going through some demos. Near the end of the session, the trio was playing around with some compositions. They were not sure what they wanted at that time, but one thing was abundantly clear. “We just wanted a huge kick drum”, they mentioned. And once they found a suitable level of kick drum, our story truly begins. “The studio we were at has a bunch of different speakers, and across the top, it has a bunch of bobble heads”, they said, “and there’s like this little Darth Vader bobblehead”. The song gets its title from the massive wave of sound that came from the kick drum. “I’m pushing it through the system, and [Darth Vader] is shaking”, said Butler, “and his head falls off”. To which their producer exclaimed, “Man, you killed Darth Vader with that motherfucking kick drum.”

Of course, with a song about killing Darth Vader in the mix, the question of what kind of Jedi these two would be begged to be asked. This seems to bring up a marked division in the group, with Mr. Butler opting towards the light, whereas Darth Brue embraced the darkness, stating “I’d slay Obi-Wan Kenobi”. However, Butler brought up the point that even against the odds “We always win, the Rebel Alliance”. So, it goes to see how this deep division will affect the band going forward.

So here, ladies and gentlemen, is your introduction to the world of MISSIO, a band which, based on their sound, energy, and their Vader slaying skills, has the musical high ground. It’s over. <<