An Interview with Louis from New Politics

‘Danish as fuck,’ is an ample description for Danish rock band, New Politics. The band was founded by David Boyd, the band’s vocalist, Søren Hansen, who plays the drums, keyboard and helps with vocals, and Louis Vecchio, who is the band’s only member from the United States and plays the drum as well as helps with vocals. Hillary of Floated Magazine was able to have a quick chat with Louis to talk about words, music, food and being a Sim.

The interview began with the most important question for the only American in a Danish band; what’s your favorite Danish word? “They only taught me the dirty words. They told me this word, sisse I think, with a little mark at the end of it. It basically means poop. So the third time I went to Denmark I was asking them ‘what do I say, what do I say.’ But I went to this deli and because of David I basically ordered a poop sandwich.”

Continuing with another question about language, Louis was asked what he’d do if he was a Sim; as “Everywhere I go” was translated into Simlish, the Sim language. “I like to do really terrible things so I think it's really funny when the Sims get put on fire and they freak out and make that weird gesture. So I guess I would be that guy, just constantly freaking out all of the time. But not in real life, just in the game.”

With that out of the way, the conversation shifted to music. Hillary asked if the band’s newly released single, "One of Us", was inspired by Queen or where exactly their influences came from. “Yeah we’re influenced by a lot of things in general. Søren has a pretty good background when it comes to Queen and anthemic rock and it just came out in this song. We don’t plan it out, it just comes through.. We have a ton of different influences but yeah I love Queen and take that as a compliment.” She went on to ask if they had a new album planned. “Yeah the album is pretty much done, we're just typing up some things and finishing up some last minute production stuff.. I think we're gearing up at the end of this tour for an actual release. We don't have a date yet but it will be really soon.” Further in regards to their music and style, Hillary asked why they sang in English when they’re a Danish band. “I think the main reason why is because it sounds better. Danish is a very crazy language, it sounds insane, it's hard to understand what they'd say, English is a second language and they(bandmates) have been speaking it their whole life.”

Eventually, the topic turned to the food the band eats on tour. “Oh my god, we eat everything. We all try to eat as good as we can. Once we get off stage we eat anything in our vicinity because we burn so many calories on stage. But if I had to pick it would be pizza, any kind, I could at least put down half a pie by myself.” Obviously, that had to be followed up with where the best pizza he’s ever had was from. “Well, I’m from New York so there's the place called Joes in Brooklyn and another one in Manhattan. Actually, I feel like we've had some good pizza in Buffalo. Obviously, everyone raves about the wings but I remember I had pizza somewhere up there and was blown away.” Western New York pride right there. Shockingly enough, Louis’s band mates found pizza and other American foods to be the strangest part of American culture. “They base a lot of their knowledge of American culture off of my reaction but I'm from Long Island so that's a whole other world. They always complain about pizza being like it's so much cheese but I’m like you're eating it, so it must be good. They talk a lot about food and the sugar and stuff and how different it is in America. I tell them they're wrong.”

In stark contrast to the unhealthy food New Politics eats and are constantly around, Joywave was just the opposite during one of their experiences together. “They're really great, we've played with them two or three times and it was unbelievable. They're incredible dudes and every time we run into them it's like a party. We did a show at a college recently and shared a dressing room and they had a bunch of this healthy stuff like tea and hand sanitizer and we just had like candy and Red Bulls.” During the discussion of playing with other bands, we wanted to know what single other band Louis would want to do a show with. “Dead or alive? I’d say, Zeppelin, one hundred percent. For newer, I’m really into Bruno Mars a lot lately, I think he's fantastic and would love to tour with him. But also Kendrick Lamar, Cage the Elephant. There are so many great artists that are incredible. But if I could bring one band back it would definitely be Zeppelin.”

While still talking about tours and live performance, we asked about the band’s dance moves and what inspires them. “That’s David's question. Let’s see he gets inspired by anything. He comes from a dance background, he is a dancer first and foremost. He's very inspired by rhythms, he's always watching dance videos on his phone so I'm sure he gets inspired by that.”

The interview ended was a question equally as important as the first for those in Rochester and Western New York; will New Politics come back to Rochester? “We can't wait, we love Rochester, every time we show you guys give us the best show!”