Foster The People’s Sacred Hearts Club: Pop Is The New Paper (It Kills Rock)

>> Foster the People recently released another full-length album, Sacred Hearts Club. It’s lively, easy to listen to, and catchy in more than one place. It’s not, however, much different than their previous records.

The Good:

The album is riddled with classic Foster The People rhythmic vocal melodies. As usual, Mark Foster delivered on catchy and interesting lyrics.

There are two short concept tracks that break up the record quite nicely. Orange Dream, a spacey and Tame-Impala-esque psychedelic funk rock quickie appears halfway through the album, almost as if to separate the ultra-produced tracks from the more modest instrumental ones. Time to Get Closer is a vibrant, spirited ballad of sorts that acts as a nice surprise towards the end of the record.

The Bad:

The instrumentals seem to be lost and confused. The only song where each instrument in a traditional rock band makes a decent mark is Static Space Lover. A few songs feature an interesting part for one instrumental component; The most notable being the catchy bass in Sit Next to Me and the drum fills in Pay the Man. However, the rest of the mix for a majority of the album is this middle-saturated, production filled mix that makes one wonder how much time was actually spent tracking. Other than most guitar licks and some bass riffs, it’s actually a little difficult to tell if many other parts weren’t completely done in processing.

The Review:

It seems that Californian rock bands have embraced combining a harmony of trappy dance beats, EDM sound bytes, and instrumentals. This combination can be awesome and tasteful, but Foster the People did not find such a balance. This record affirms that Foster the People are still comfortable bringing the same sound that they emerged with to the table: poppy, catchy and safe rock. 3.8/5 <<

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