>> Krit Upra and I recently had the amazing opportunity to sit down and interview Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch from Milky Chance before their sold out show at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo, New York. We learned a lot about these two talented men from Germany during our chat.

The band just recently played Lollapalooza so we asked how their experience was at the festival. Phillipp Dausch responded by saying, “It was fun! It was great! The size of the festival and it still has cool vibes. When festivals get that big they lose some vibe but I think Lollapalooza still has some!” Seeing all of the videos and hearing about the festival from them made our desire to attend Lollapalooza next year that much greater!

Since we were on the topic of places they have played, we decided to ask them about their favorite places so far. Phillipp Dausch was quick to respond, “We love to play Quebec City that was very nice! We love to play Lake Hoover, Seattle area, the Northwest.”

Their tour in the United States comes to an end in October then they go to back over Europe to finish out the Blossom Tour. Since the band is from Europe we decided to ask them a couple of questions regarding that. We were very curious to see if they could bring one thing over from Germany with them to have while on tour here, what would they bring. Both Dausch and Rehbein immediately decided they would bring whole grain bread. “Whenever we are here there is just a lot of white bread, white bread everywhere. When we get home the first thing we do is find some bread.” Our next question was inspired by our curiosity about the difference in the music scene here compared to Germany. Surprisingly there are a lot of differences, Dausch explained, “Yeah, here there is more trap and EDM. There we have mainstream radio...only like 3 stations. Here we are always surprised by the radio. You don’t really have advertising.” This answer made us very thankful for our radio stations here like Alternative Buffalo!

Back to the topic of food and our most creative question yet (at least I think so)! To bring some Milk into Milky Chance, Krit picked a few of his favorite songs of theirs and asked them what flavor of ice cream each song would be.

Sadnecessary - "Nougat"

Down by the River - “We have an ice cream in Germany it has a weird taste sort of tastes like Bubblegum...Smurf ice.”

Loveland - “Strawberry”

Flashed Junk Mind - “Mango”

Cocoon - “Cookie Dough”

Ego - “Vanilla”

Blossom - “Raspberry Yogurt”

Since we talked about food we decided our next question would be about drinks. Germany is known for its beer, so naturally, we asked them what their favorite beer was. The answer surprised us, “Honestly I don’t like beer. We like to drink liquor, we had a long Gin period but now we are in a whiskey period.” Rehbein and Dausch agreed on not being fond of the taste of beer. As for their favorite whiskey, “We always have Jameson because it’s like the best price for a good whiskey. Glenmorangie whiskey is good!”

Now that we have whiskey recommendations from Milky Chance we decided to ask them what bands they are listening to. Rehbein responded first to this question, “I listen a lot to The Tallest Man on Earth...since ever. Whitney, you know the band? Listen to the song No Woman. It’s a very chill album very beautiful. It has roses on the cover.” When we got home from the concert you better believe that we listened to Whitney. The guys were right to recommend them as the band did not disappoint, it was indeed very chill and beautiful. I highly recommend listening to it when you have the chance!

Our last question, out of curiosity, we asked what bands they would like to tour with. Again the band surprised us with their answer, “Justin Bieber because he plays basketball. We love to play basketball. We could have some serious competitions. Maybe just street musicians… a band from Cuba. Cuba the music there is very rooted and the culture, everyone there knows how to play and they play so good!” We would sure love to see this line-up! After a quick photoshoot and some hugs goodbye we went our separate ways. Phillip Dausch and Clemens Rehbein off to play some basketball before their show and us awestruck still silently fan-girling on our way back outside to eagerly wait for the doors to open for the show! <<

This concert experience was like no other. Milky Chance crushed it on stage. Each song they performed they added a little extra jam to it, whether it was an impressive harmonica solo, intricate guitar riffs and ad-libs, or a jam session to lengthen the song, all of it was absolutely incredible. Their live performance was very different from their recorded albums, in a good way. Every song, every note seems like it had so much thought and appreciation to it. The crowd devoured it and constantly begged for more! I don’t think I have ever seen an audience so connected watching these talented musicians. If you haven’t seen Milky Chance live I highly suggest you do so, these guys will inspire you to find your passion and give it your all; something you can easily see they have accomplished when they step onto that stage. Clemens Rehbein’s voice, identical to what we hear on their recorded albums, commanded attention from everyone in the crowd, hundreds of eyes upon him. While Phillipp Dausch shredded on the harmonica, making me almost cry with every solo. The chemistry within the band made their performance flawless. This concert experience was definitely in my top ten best concerts, and I have seen A LOT of concerts. 10/10 would see Milky Chance again in a heartbeat. Here I sit hoping that next time they’re in Western, New York they come to Rochester!