>> Matt: So I'm here with Miss May I, Levi & Ryan, it's been awhile since you last played in Rochester, right?

Ryan: Yeah, we took a whole year off, actually, that was the last American tour. We did 2 tours back to back and that was part of the last American tour. April/May of last year.

Matt: How's this tour been running? Pretty smooth?

Ryan: Pretty smooth, pretty busy, we've done so many now in a row now.

Matt: It all blends together?

R: Yeah, we've been out solid since...April.

M: Yeah, it's been a minute.

R: Yeah, we did Europe straight into this.

M: How's the Europe market?

R: It's crazy cool, yeah, we've developed a pretty cool fanbase over there. We took time off from there as well. We've only been there once in the last 2-3 years other than this last one. Which is nice because we were going 3-4 times a year before that and we exhausted ourselves.

M: Have you found that there's a sweet spot for how many times you can hit an area?

R: Yeah and it's expensive.

M: Do you guys borrow people’s gear or do you ship yours over?

R: Yeah, we rent gear, it's a combo of what we fly with and what we can afford to rent. It's a whole different style of touring but that’s what makes it fun. Fun for the gear nerds. Half going figure out how how you're going pull off the show.

M: Yeah and all the outlets are different and shit.

R: Yeah, you can't just go pick up your own equipment from a storage unit.

M: You guys just released a new album on June 2nd. How’s that been going so far?

L: It's been crazy man!

M: Is this your first or second one on Sharptone Records?

L: This is our first.

R: This is the first one we've ever done without...

L: Rise.

R: Our previous record label.

M: I didn't even know Sharptone was a record label, but I didn't really pay attention until Currents and I've followed them because their old singer used to go to Highschool with one of my college buddies. Only reason I knew that band existed, I've been following ever since but you guys both released KILLER records this month, incredible records!

R/L: Thank you man!

R: Currents is pretty cool, I really like their new record a lot, it's cool to be on tour with them. It's been pretty weird, we were talking about it the other day, it's been surprisingly smooth and easy to do. It seemed like switching labels was gonna be a lot more difficult than it was. Honestly any difficulties we've had in the last couple years, they (Sharptone) haven't been one of them, they've been really helpful. I mean, we ran out of time in the studio, and that’s who we have to tell when we run out of time on their dime and we went to them and they were like "it's cool"...

L: Yeah, they're awesome!

R: ..."it's cool, we'll figure it out, we don't know how yet but we'll figure it out" and they did, and it's been great so far!

M: That's awesome, I used to listen to you guys! I saw you probably back 2011 with of mice and men and WCAR, and that's about it, and then they asked me to go shoot and interview you guys and I was like, oh fuck yeah! I haven't checked in with those guys in a while, did all my research and listened to the album and was like, "holy shit!" you guys have managed to somehow, in Metalcore, where most bands are very generic and they follow the formula. You guys have had your distinct garnish, that's like - this is clearly Miss May I, but like continuously changing sounds in every song!

L: Thanks man!

M: You guys keep it unique, and not a lot of bands have been able to pull that shit off. Especially, most bands just keep getting lighter and lighter until they hit that point where they're a pop-rock band in drop d. You guys have managed to avoid that road.

R: We tried a lighter record. It wasn't as fun for us. We tried it, we figure, we're the kind of guys who would try anything. We'd hate to get to a point where our career was over and we're thinking in the back of our heads like, remember that one idea we had? I wish we would have tried that. We try pretty much everything that we feel like is relevant to the band. We did a bit of a softer record once, it was pretty cool. I think the metalcore part for us has been... it's what we listened to before starting the band, it's why we started the band.

M: What was the band that was like "we want to do this"? For you guys

R/L: As I Lay Dying.

L: They had the, hand tattoos and I was like "I wanna do that"!

R: They were definitely the one, really. Especially when we started touring, when you start touring, you see a band and you're like, "holy shit, that's how it's done.” That's how you be professional, that's how you give a good show to your fans, that's how you treat a crew. I think that was the one. We were going to the AP tour in Philly, we were playing TLA. We were so into the band we finished our set and went over and saw their show!

M: How's tour life? How do you adjust to that being an adult, when you're not touring, what are you doing?

R: It's so weird. It's so so weird. We took a year. 9 months off touring and a year off of the US touring. We haven't done anything as adults... but..

L: But play.

R: and for a whole year, we were just like trying to do whatever we could figure out.

M: Was that the longest break you've taken since you started?

R: Yeah for like 7 years!

M: Holy shit so you guys have been doing this forever!

R: Straight out of school, and right into this. There was nothing in between this. All of a sudden you're like - we finished a year of tour and then you wait a year and now we're on it again.