>> Flagship is a rock band captained by Drake Margolnick and Michael Finster out of Charlotte, North Carolina. They officially set sails together after playing in separate but ‘sea’ing the connection they had for creating music. Krit Upra and Hillary Bosy of Floated were able to hook up with the band for a quick chat to get their take on life.

We started the interview by asking about the origins of their band; how did they come together? How did they get involved in music? What was the first music they began listening to? Drake led us off. “We were both in two different bands. I played in Blackshoot for a long time and then Mike was in a separate band. Then we merged kinda like a corporation; its all business. We absorbed each other then we became a duo.” Mike built off his bandmates comments, “We were drawn together, we had chemistry, this is what landed and stuck.”

As for how the two first got involved in music and performance in general, Drake again started us off. “I played in church, he also played in church. That’s where we were thrust on a stage and told to do it. We’re not religious anymore but it was a great start. I guess for me the first thing I saw that really impacted me was U2’s Rattle and Hum DVD and I was like I’d like to do that...Well, we’re working on it, we’re waiting on the hum part.” Mike’s take was a bit different, as to be expected. His passion for music existed long before church. “Sometimes it’s hard to say what makes you do something because you're just drawn to it. I remember I was in middle school I asked for a guitar, started playing, met up with a friend, and we played some stupid music together.”

Staying with the flow of music we wanted to know songs Drake and Mike were currently listening to. “We’re very diverse and listen to stuff that neither of us listens to but then we also listen to a lot of the same bands,” Drake told us. “So when we write we draw from a lot of the same bands. But right now I'm personally listening to Phantogram. I love a lot of those new and upcoming bands. Future Islands, we had a lot of fun with them in Kentucky so you know I’ve been listening to them a lot. But then there are also the classics.” Mike’s choices for music were a bit different. “For me, there are so many different reasons why I listen to music and it just depends on the day and how you're feeling. This last week my song was, “Sympathy for the Devil” where I just kept putting it on.” <<

Flagship already has two albums and two EP’s out. We wanted to know what the next step was for them. Was it another album, touring, a collaboration with another band? Not quite. “To take over the world. We’re going to run for president in 2020.” Alright, well if that really was their plan we asked what the first country would be for the band to take over and conquer. Drake’s plan wasn’t the most efficient but there was a good message somewhere inside. “I don't want to conquer anybody, I want to set them free. That’s what music does.” Mike offered a slightly more serious answer. “The first thing I'd do if I was actually president is to make election day a holiday so then everybody could actually vote...It’s really easy to feel like your one voice won’t make any difference.”

The conversation definitely took a serious turn at this point where Flagship talked about how they view the events happening around the world, as well as how they react to these things. “We’re certainly aware of everything going on around the world but we don't want to be a political band either. Our goal as musicians was just to provide an escape from all of that,” Drake told us. “Maybe if we find a place where we have a voice we’ll utilize it, but for now we just want to provide an escape - that's why we watch Game of Thrones and the shows we like.” Mike shared a similar sentiment, “On a personal level for me it's so easy to get overwhelmed by all of the world's issues because there's always an issue and always something you can be concerned about and you need something to clear your head.” Well there you have it, Flagship for president 2020.

After having the talk be so solemn, we brought it back to a lighter level. What Game of Thrones character would the bandmates be? “Jon snow, hands down,” Drake immediately replied. Mike spent the next minute trying to think of Peter Dinklage’s name to then remember who Tyrion Lannister was. We followed that up with the question if they’d rather fight a bear or wrestle a crocodile. Like every other person to answer the question, they chose the crocodile. “A bear sounds terrible; it will claw you to death. If I had enough time to take off my belt, I think I’d have a good chance against the crocodile.” <<

Tour Dates:

8/17 @ Mercury Lounge | New York, NY

8/18 @ The Hollow | Albany, NY

8/19 @ Rough Trade NYC | Brooklyn, NY

8/20 @ Showcase Lounge | South Burlington, VT

8/22 @ Brighton Music Hall | Allston, MA

9/18 @ Magic Bag | Ferndale, MI

9/19 @ The Basement | Columbus, OH

9/20 @ The HiFi | Indianapolis, IN

9/22 @ Bluebird Theater | Denver, CO

9/23 @ Urban Lounge | Salt Lake City, CO

More dates to be announced soon!