Continental Drifft’s Self Titled EP: The Refinement of Acid Rock

>> The most recent release by Rochester’s own Continental Drift has proven that the creative juices never cease to flow within these reggae loving creatures. Their sound has not changed as a whole since their last album, Prequel, nor has it ceased to evolve into a tighter and gnarlier groove. The Good: Each of the songs on the record are insanely simple in structure, but immensely creative in composition. It’s pure rock underneath it all: easy chord progressions, shredding guitar, and an ultra-tight bottom end. The bass parts seem to set the mood for each piece, and the vocals dance alongside them with ease leaving room for guitar parts capable of shipping the listener to space and the edges of the universe. Every song contains a vocal refrain that catches. The single of the record was Tides of the Times, a mellow piece with a playful, almost Zeppelin-like bass line, a melodic chorus and jam-induced breakdown towards the end. Its lyrics are fairly introspective, and the melody of the chorus is powerful. While it was a great choice, the single could have easily been any other track; they each have a moment that gets stuck in one’s head. The weirdest compliment I have on the record is that in certain phrases, the lead guitar is perfectly sloppy. Fans of Sublime, Pepper and early Slightly Stoopid should understand this sentiment. The Bad: The vocal effects are an acquired taste. As previously mentioned, the melodies and lyrics are great, but the parts are dubbed with a middle-heavy filter and in some cases it sounds like they’re treated with distortion. This is consistent with the other records the band has released, but in some areas throughout each song this concept feels a bit much. The Review: The album is simple, clean and to the point. With this release, the band displayed that they are continuing to make a unique sound that is both a perfect homage to their implicit influences and a rock-heavy new way to consume reggae. They’ve revived acid rock. 4.4/5 <