Dancing with K.FLAY

>> If you’ve never heard of Katherine Flaherty, better recognized a by her stage name K. Flay, you must’ve been living under a rock for the past three years. She independently released her album “Life as a Dog” in 2014. Since then the album has rocketed to the top of multiple Billboard charts, she signed with Interscope records in 2016 and in April of this year released her already wildly popular album “Every Where is Some Where.” Her unique brand of alternative hip hop reads a little dark and moody and is heavily laced with queen-pin girl power vibes.

When K. Flay sat down to talk with Floated her signature brooding grovel transformed into an approachable and friendly tone. She chatted with us about her morning run. She’s training for a half marathon, not her first, and said that while finding time to train for a run while touring can be tough she loves using runs as a way to explore cities. Her favorites cities to run in so far have been Columbus - a surprise contender - as well as San Francisco, a shoo-in since it’s the city where she went to college. She particularly loves to run in Golden Gate Park.

Off the success of “Every Where is Some Where” she modestly thinks very little about the day it dropped. “”It felt a little bit like it never actually happened in the best possible way,” the rapper remembered. The album dropped while she was on tour, and the day felt to her like any other, although it was clearly a big day for her fans. The album has been widely well received and even landed K. Flay the opportunity to take part in her first arena tour alongside Imagine Dragons and Grouplove.

She’s currently touring, and recently sold out a handful of international shows including one in Berlin, a location that K. Flay admires for its cutting-edge art scene and good creative energy. Even though she’s no stranger to traveling for music, she said that selling out shows in places outside her comfort zone was always a humbling experience. “It’s always a reminder to myself that even when I’m locked in my own head there are still people all over the place listening to my music,” she said of the experience.

The album is full of unexpected production elements, interesting synthy beats and her signature low syncopated vocals. Her poetic and idiosyncratic yet relatable lyricism shines through as she covers topics from personal growth to love and even the current political climate in “The President Has a Sex Tape”, a song for which K. Flay says the only appropriate dance move is “sitting down and crying because we elected Donald Trump as president.”

Her anti-Trump sentiments have found a creative outlet in her part in Spotify’s new playlist project I’m With The Banned. The playlist project pairs an American artist with an artist from one of the countries on America’s proposed “travel ban” and asks them to work collaboratively on a piece of music. K. Flay collaborated with Iranian producer Kasra V to create the infectious and intense song “Justify You.” She said that the experience was a great one, and that Spotify provided them with an amazing low-pressure environment where she and Kasra V were able to write and record the song in a day.

She happily chatted with us about what she’s currently listening to ­­- Vince Staples new album, Youth Lagoon and The Moth and The Flame - as well as her pre show ritual - A little Vinyasa flow and a lot of vegging out. The singer and rapper exuded a super down-to-earth energy throughout the interview, one that may not be expected from an artist amidst a meteoric rise to the top. It’s clear K. Flay is here to stay, and we can’t wait to hear what she’s got planned next.

We had also asked her to put together some instructions on special dance move that she came up with for couple of the songs that our fam selected out.

High Enough - Piggy back with group of people and do waves and hand motion

Blood in the Cut - Weird Shoveling motion, digging it to the cut.

Another version of the shopping cart

The President Has a Sex Tape - pretty much just sit down and cry ( You know why :P )

Slow March - Hula Dance, a more aggressive version* * "Pretty much every move is done a bit more aggressive" - K. FLAY