We Give You, "Fuck. (ft. Adrian)"

>>Today, Floated presents something special to you. Fuck. We give you Fuck.

Now that you’re good and confused, allow me to clarify. Fuck is a single from the new album from WeAreCastor, who have every intention of rocking your socks off.

WeAreCastor, a four piece group hailing from Trondheim, Norway, takes the idea of having eclectic influences to another level entirely. The group touts itself as “Genre Confused”. In their promotional material, they list influences ranging from Dr. Dre to Muddy Waters. Going back through their discography, you get a taste of that. The albums play like your library on shuffle. It’s good, but there’s not much tying the songs together. Pulling up their spotify page, you can find blues-inspired rock tracks with a hint of electronica, to a Daft Punk style dance tune, to….well, have you ever heard that Damian Marley/Skrillex collab, “Make it Bun Dem”? Sort of like that.

Again, that’s not to knock the idea of doing “Whatever we feel like”. I’m honestly pretty damn impressed by the group’s ability to make good songs from a seemingly endless number of genres. That’s a talent not many artists have. You need some serious chops to play rock then EDM, and still make it sound good.

The track we are bringing you today is called “Fuck”, which comes from the pop/hip hop/R&B end of WeAreCastor’s spectrum. The tune is based around a slower groove with hip hop inspired vocals. A summer tune to be sure, great for rolling down the road with the top down on a cool summer evening. Even though WeAreCastor comes from Norway, I really think California when I hear the song. Of course, It's one thing to have a guy on the internet talk about a song, and quite another to listen to it. So We'll leave the track here and wait for you to take a listen.

The album, DOEP, dropped August 26 (TODAY!). If you dug “Fuck”, you will have plenty more of new music to listen to. Nineteen more, to be exact. And this figure isn’t padded out with half-assed 30-second filler songs, either. This is a collection of 20 three to seven minute tracks for the discerning music listener. An ambitious number of songs, to say the least, considering most artist cap an album at 12 songs, tops. The record is currently available on Bandcamp for purchase and streaming. You can also check the group out on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Youtube if DOEP isn’t enough for you.<<