Irontom’s Origins, Stint With Their Heroes, And Affinity For Banana Cream Pie

>> Irontom of Los Angeles dropped their second album this year. It’s full of incredible stuff, and with it the group is reminding musicians everywhere that wholesome rock is still very much alive in the millennial era. Emerging as a band in California seems to have had its perks for the five piece. They’ve already established relationships with leaders of modern alternative music. Awolnation’s Aaron Bruno produced their latest full-length, Partners, and shortly after its release Irontom found themselves opening up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on a summer tour.

Shortly after their incredible experience, Floated’s Krit Upra and Hillary Bosy (F) were able to sit down with the band (I) to pick their brains. Below are Irontom’s thoughts on dealing their rising fame, food and the inability to tan.

F: Why the name Irontom?

I: There was a brutal motorcycle accident. My grandfather came on the scene, and the man was alive but not in a good way. He ended up not being able to use his leg anymore, so they jammed an Iron rod in place of his bone. His name was Tom. He’s a legend; He’s invincible. He plays bass!

F: Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

I: We like to play some kinda up-tempo music. Queens [of the Stone Age], Metallica. We listen to that stuff, get pumped up… maybe have a soda or something.

F: We saw that you toured with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. How was that?

I: It was good! There’s not much more to say than that; It was life changing. They are one of our favorite bands in the world and they’re just so massive. Their songs have inspired us… they’re engrained in you. Anyone who’s into rock music knows that stuff so much, ya know? They were amazing to watch every night. Us getting to play with them is something we talked about for a long time.

F: How did you guys end up linking up with them?

I: Zach knows Flea… and tried to get with them for a while. We had to earn it. Flea came and saw us. He remembered that and said, “When your album’s out, you can come on tour.” It was fantastic.

F: [On Zach playing for both Irontom and Awolnation] How do you guys manage time working with two bands?

I: Aaron, the singer of Awol[nation] was the producer of our record. He and I [Zach] were collaborating on the road together. It’s a collaborative family that’s in it together for the greater good of the music. It is like a little family. We have the same mangers. We play with them quite often. The last night of the Chili Peppers’ tour, Zach played with all three sets [Irontom, Awolnation, Red Hot Chili Peppers]. It’s cool to get to play with other bands and get to meet them. Potentially form relationships. It’s a nice way to evolve too, because you get to put yourself in different musical scenarios and look through other people’s eyes that you might have been closed off to.

F: What’s your songwriting process like?

I: It kind of goes in a number of different ways. The way we enjoy it the most is when we form something from the ground up altogether in the room. Generally, someone will bring up some kind of part that we all start working on. Also, [a few members] sometimes write songs that are musically pretty complete and we’ll take them and change them a bit. We’re not closed off to constantly doing things differently. The only way to evolve is to not be afraid trying to not close yourself off to an idea. Whether it’s the keyboard player bringing in a song, or us just straight up jamming: that’s how we do.

F: Do you have new music in the works?

I: Yeah, we made this record and learned a lot. Working with such a hands on producer with such a vision really opened our minds to a lot about songwriting and not having any ego in it. Since then, we’ve been creative and some exciting stuff has happened. We’ll be pushing that [the last album] for a while, but we have stuff in the works - always.

F: Would you rather fight a bear or wrestle a crocodile?

I: Probably wrestle the croc, actually. At least you could at least get on the croc’s back and have a chance. Bear is cool, though! Croc’s are slimy… I’ve read some gnarly stuff about saltwater crocodiles; They’re like twenty feet long. There’s a story… there were theses guys rafting down a river, and they saw a salt water crocodile. It started coming after them and it got one of them and the other two never saw him again. They climbed a tree and it waited under the tree for twenty hours.If I was faced croc or bear, I’d choose the croc. Is the bear on earth or space?

F: Weed or dabs?

I: Ahh, weed. What’s a dab? We had a road-dog doing them and we just didn’t know. He was in space. My friend’s dad does dabs and he looks insane.

F: What’s your favorite food while you’ve been on tour?

I: I’ve been getting into Shakshuka [dynamite Mediterranean comfort food]. I’ve had [the best] slice of banana cream pie in NYC, you can’t get better than that at 1AM.

F: What’s the most useless talent that you have?

I: Probably like… man, I don’t know. I can’t do that much. If you’re talented, you’re going to use it. That’s what makes it talent: it’s worth something. After I sit in the sun, not getting tan. That’s a useless talent.

Irontom is still on tour for quite a while and will be hitting the East Coast come November. Readers that appreciate alternative, new-wave rock should check them out as soon as possible. [Their site|] is up-to-date with their latest and greatest, as well as their tour dates and venues. Besides that, their social media accounts are always being updated with fresh content and media of the band’s adventures. You know what to do. <<