Barns Courtney – The Attractions of Youth: Classy British Pop Veiling A Singer-Songwriter

>> Barns Courtney, an independent artist from London, is continuing to prove his worth as an across-the-pond entity in the realm of alternative music. Though his discography is scarce, his latest drop is eclectic and his talent is true.

The Good:

The Attraction of Youth is vivid by nature; its lyrical content somewhat deep and its composition full. Each song on the record had the potential to be a single due to how full and catchy their refrains are.

Courtney really stretched his voice to the limits. Ranging from a deep bass with an almost Johnny-Cash-esque part in Goodbye John Smith to his dancing high notes in the verses of Kicks, he had no problem showing listeners that his secret weapon is currently his voice.

The Bad:

The choruses of each song seem to be made up of two components: a vocal melody containing lyrics and a vocal melody of drawn-out “ohs,” “yeahs,” and words repeated in rapid succession. While his refrains were catchy and driving, many of them left me craving more wit.

The Review:

As someone who is often referred to as the “next Ed Sheeran” by American media, Courtney surprised me with dark lyrics, a raw voice and shredding alternative rock sounds backing him up. I’m looking forward to hearing the man on the radio. 4.0/5 <<