Resin premieres music video for "Hoarse", and chats with us about Serial Killers, Harry Po

We recently hopped on a call to chat with the brains behind the new kickass Nine Inch Nails meets Nirvana meets catchy electronic club jams project, “Resin”. The L.A. based songwriter and producer recently released her first album “Fidget” this past August, and we’re stoked to premiere her new video for “Hoarse”. Resin’s pairing of emotional vocals and heavy electronics will take us on a trippy, dark, intense journey.

" ​I have been feeling grey, colorless, faded out, so many times in my life - Thinking about my past self, so fearless, so bright and shiny. Feeling pity for my present me and hating myself for letting all the colors go the moment I decided to be vulnerable and considerate to this world. But lately I found connection between my music and nature and it fulfilled me again. This video for Hoarse covers that. It's especially important to me because my sister is starring in it and my friend, Martin Mol, took charge of the production." -Resin

Check out our interview with Resin below!

So your album just came out in August, how has the reception been so far?

It was great working on it, I am so glad that it is out, but I am so happy that that part of my life is over. I feel like for the first time in my life people were just really happy for me. And I was proud of myself for the first time. I have always had projects that I wasn’t happy with. I feel like I found myself a little bit with this one, or it showed me the way. That feels good.

This is your first Solo venture right?

I have a few different projects where I kind of had a band but mostly it was just me playing the guitar. I'm too lazy to really learn how to play an instrument, and so I started producing because I just wanted a bigger production. I didn’t have the patience to deal with people and the patience to learn how to play all these different instruments. So I started producing. I didn’t know what to call myself. I went with Resin and I really started focusing on this name, this project, this sound.

Have you been playing out with this music much?

Kind of, I just played my last show a few days ago, but I am kind of done for the rest of the year. I’ve been trying to play at least twice a month but I hate it. I have to learn to love it but it’s just stage fright. I feel that now that the album is out, I can focus on writing new songs. I am not going to play for a few months.

My music is electronic but it is not necessarily dance music and it is hard to figure out what venues to play.

I think my next album is going to be a little more upbeat. Not happier, not less dark, but just a little more upbeat. I have to be smart about my choice in songs that I write. It is not just for me anymore

Have you done any party shows?

I had a great gig at Bar Sinister, so that was cool, that was kind of my crowd. I felt good about that one. People were open, they were not like ‘what the fuck is this? It's too dark’, or ‘its too weird’

Is there anything specific about Spirituality and Magic that you have been interested in lately?

I’ve always been obsessed with serial killers, psychopaths, dark magic, how it all connects together, and connection to the universe. It was always a source of inspiration. I am totally terrified by that stuff, but really it amazes me at the same time. Even though I really like the dark stuff, it was so overwhelming, that I had to learn to start playing with good energies too. So that is actually what I am trying to do now. I am trying to find the balance between staying interested and studying the dark stuff but keeping my body healthy and my mind healthy and calm.

As far as a musical sense, is there any daily practice you have?

I wish. I go to sleep every night and you know I do a little prayer, like I wish for certain things to happen. I create to do lists every day for the next day. I have to get my shit organized, otherwise I am just a mess. I am trying to do at least three different things for music every day.

Has there been any mentor or piece of advice in your journey as a musician?

I’ve been trying to fight all these roles for so many years, you know I have never wanted to do social media. I have all these people who are like ‘you have to do this’ but eventually I just had to start listening to what they had to say. I definitely look up to all the people who make a living as a musician. I’m doing it my own way I guess.

Do you see gender Disparity as an independent woman producer?

I totally do. When I mention that I make music, that I am a musician they say ‘okay so you sing or you play piano.’ People are not open to the idea of a girl being producer and composer, people are so limited, even here in LA.

Also my name is Niko and that is usually a boy’s name, so every time I talk to somebody about music and business they always think that I am a boy. They are all like “I just thought it was a girl singing on your track”- No it was all me.

If you had a mystical power what would it be and how would you use it?

I would love to be a witch, not in like a cliché way but like in a Harry Potter way.

If people would understand that we have the power to use spells, I think that automatically people would be a little more open minded.

If you could sell your soul to the devil what would you want in return?

I would want a thorough connection with my family. Just be connected with my sister, my mom, all my pets, my man - everybody stay connected forever and know that we are connected forever.

Anything new coming soon?

I am planning on releasing a single, probably November 1st, or the first week of November. And then the New album should be out Spring 2018. Even before the album is out I want to get a little more creative with art. I am still working on some paintings and stuff. I am going to try to create a full package.