Madeleine McQueen - Wildfire EP: Swooning’s New Home is Rochester, NY

>> One of the latest drops in Rochester’s music scene comes from the young and talented singer-songwriter, Madeline McQueen. Her latest five-song production is a hearty and wholesome blend of smooth rock, singer-songwriter talent and a voice proven to supply great vibes.

The Good:

The album is exceptionally balanced. Each song has its own sort of feel to it, yet the transitions from one to another are cohesive and welcoming.

Each song’s mix is creative; The supporting parts behind McQueen’s vocals are each perfect layers with professional execution. What’s even more impressive than the overall composition of each song is the range of such parts. Between the wandering guitar ditties in Wildfire to the wailing solo and distorted riff of Come up Clean and the soothing vocal harmonies that support Earth, every quintessential indie rock overtone was leveraged and perfected on the record.

Madeleine’s voice is simply beautiful. She excels at taking a vocal line and transitioning between notes with tasteful accents and ornaments. Her process seems to be something along the lines of lacing her vocal chords up in ballet shoes and letting them do their wandering and swooning thing.

The Bad:

I truly had to sink my teeth into this record for a few days to find something that may have stood out in this category. After what has easily amounted to twenty-five listens since its release, I’ve decided that my only beef is with the doctored vocal humming in Guide Me Steady. They feel like an out of place sound bite that would have served a heavily produced pop song better than this otherwise bouncy and light singer-songwriter tune.

The Review:

This EP is a swift reminder of the raw talent that is cultivating in Rochester. The genuine feelings and effort that clearly went into this album are at minimum what each listener will take away from it. With only five additional songs, McQueen and her contributors were able to reemerge as a reckoning force in songwriting and production. It’s worth mentioning that these songs will without a doubt cater to listeners of all tastes and walks. It’s pop that was never watered down. It’s singer-songwriter that’s not stagnant. Wholesome and true, Wildfire is sure to do well in scenes of all forms. 4.5/5 <<