Premiere: NYC Alt/Pop Artist TRISTN drops fist-pumpin' remix of "Sky Wide Open"

Photo: TRISTN and John Secolo in the studio

We're stoked to introduce you to TRISTN with this banger of a remix of her track "Sky Wide Open" off of her debut album "January", which dropped this past September. Working alongside John Secolo (The Pretty Reckless), they make an even more upbeat, catchy as hell, happy-go-get-'em remix of the track. A NYC via LA transplant, TRISTN is making waves giving us an addictive mix of teenage angst, and the power to conquer our fears (on "January") leaving us craving for more.

“So far Sky Wide Open has become a fan-favorite track on my album JANUARY. My fans have been telling me how happy this song makes them feel. We decided to make a remix of this song simply just to make it even happier. John Secolo and I worked together on a short project a few years back. I sent him the song for a remix production and he did such an amazing job making it even happier. I sent him a few other remixes that I felt would help shape a vision for the remix. John created and brand new remix version of it beautifully. We’re both very happy with how it turned out and just can’t wait for everyone to have fun with it.” -TRISTN

Check out the whole album here -