Nothing Casual – Blank Slate: DIY Indie Designed to Stand On Its Own

>> Alternative band Nothing Casual is a group of Buffalo, NY natives whose passion for writing impressively tight indie rock is matched with a keen ear for engineering and mixing. Go online now and find their most recent release, an EP titled Blank Slate.

The Good:

The instrumental parts on this album lock in perfectly. Given how intricate the chords and strumming patterns are between the rhythm and lead guitar parts, it’s quite the feat for zero parts to leave the pocket or clash once on any track. This point was in no way to gloss over the guitar parts, either, whose playful melodies are what seem to be the defining the band’s take on the genre.

The vocals are delivered in a moody, “fuck the norm,” almost nihilist tone. This creates an amazing dynamic with the upbeat instrumentals, giving Nothing Casual a feeling that’s not far from combining the grooves of Ripe and The Front Bottoms.

The Bad:

While each song has a consistent dynamic range for all parts involved, together they, unfortunately, seem to lack a dynamic in their overall tone and feel. As a whole, the EP’s motif is that of contentment, I was just hoping that one of the three songs would instill some sort of alternative feeling and act as a standout or single.

The Review:

This release makes it clear that “Up and Coming” is quite literally the least we can use to describe this awesome three-piece. Their vibes are helping keep Buffalo’s independent scene on the map, and I can only hope upstate fans will return the favor. Blank Slate is a call-to-arms that showcases the talent within this band, and a reckoning of what’s to come. I’m excited to hear what’s in the pipeline for these gents. 4.2/5 <<