Premiere: Gettin' Spooky And Weird With "Bats, Cats, Etc." By Pollens

"If Futurama was a band....'Mister Manufacture' is a weekend getaway with the Flintstones ....Licking ring pops and twirling my hair"

Check out the exclusive premiere of Pollens' new Halloween inspired track, "Bats, Cats, Etc".

This track is perfect to shift your brain away from the monotony of Mondays, and back into the glorious shit-show of Halloween to continue your weekend spook-fest through the 31st!

"It's not always 'us' talking in our songs, but EMay and I do both actually love Halloween. I'm super excited about masks, especially the plastic ones from the 50's. EMay is like the captain of all things spooky and unexplained. Wait, what if we wrote a Halloween song every year? ...Next year's will be a bit more on-the-nose." - Jeff from Pollens

Pollens just dropped their debut EP "Mr. Manufacture" this past Thursday, its the perfect mix of weird and wild and you can check it out below -

Their new EP is also available on Bandcamp, pay what you want: