Coucheron's Creepy AF Movie Guide

What gets you into the Halloween spirit more than anything? Watching HORROR movies. Sometimes they are scary as shit, sometimes they're closer to a comedy with lots of blood and gore, and sometimes they're based around super creepy little ewok creatures.

Here's Oslo-musician Coucheron's guide to keep it spooky tonight!

5. Gremlins

You think you’re in for a cozy film about cute little creatures!?!? THINK AGAIN FOOL! Things get very real very fast. They should make a non-scary version of this film, where the gremlins just stay nice all the time and no-one feeds them after midnight

4. Scream

I fuX with this one. The first horror movie I can remember watching. Love the idea of the mask. The mask gets a 10/10. Gonna go watch this one right now. The mask is sick.

3. Ju-on: The Grudge

I haven’t seen the US remake, but from what I’ve heard the original’s better, despite lack of jump-scares. Enjoyed the plot, and that crawling girl made me wet myself mentally.

2. Audition

My room-mate arranged a horror week last year, where we had a full week of horror movies. He’s a director, and a very “indie” one at that, so we ended up watching a bunch of weird japanese stuff, but this one I remember getting really into. It’s hard to nail both great scares and great storyline, but this one did.

1. Villmark (Dark Woods)

One of the best movies to come out of Norway, horror-movies aside. Woods are creepy af, so you can’t really go wrong. If you can get your hands on a subtitled version, make sure you watch this one.

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