Sex and Sea: A Glimpse Into the Thoughts of Naropinosa

>> The sensual, provocative, and humorous collages of Naropinosa have garnered the attention of thousands on Instagram over the last couple of years. The 37-year-old Spanish artist’s work has value that reaches farther than the visual motifs imply.

His collages consist only of two images in tension with one another. Whether it be Disney princesses making out, animals fusing into humans, or religious icons with a pop culture twist, Naropinosa’s seamless juxtapositions are seducing. His collages seem to address themes of sexual expression and the absurdity of religion. However, Naropinosa explores sexuality “only as a game with sensuality,” and Catholicism “for all of the vagueness that it represents.” While his juxtapositions beg for satirical meaning to be drawn out of them, the purpose of creating colleges lies elsewhere for Naropinosa.

Nurse and social worker by trade, Naropinosa is subject to the monotony and mundane worries that plague most people’s lives. He treats this condition by finding peace and disconnecting from reality. To feel at peace, Naropinosa visits the sea, “it calms me and cleans me at the same time” he says. The connection that Naropinosa feels with the ocean is apparent in the subtle motif of waves that appears in his collages. While the sea is cleansing, the daily routine of creating collages “is a thing of evasion.” Naropinosa disconnects from reality by creating, and in sharing his images he gives his viewers an opportunity to also disengage.

Naropinosa deserves to be admired both for his seducing juxtapositions and for the attitude that he brings into his creative process. His discipline of creating almost every day has resulted in an extensive body of engaging work. This exquisite visual world of humor and wit provides us with a momentary vacation from the mundane patterns of daily life. <<

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