Talkin' Music With Best Behavior

>> We got the chance to talk to Alex from Brooklyn’s Best Behavior and ask him a few questions. The trio’s music combines NYC grit and West coast beachy, chill vibes, making a unique catchy sound. Their ironic name actually came to Alex while overhearing a girl who was making fun of her dad for telling her to be on her best behavior. Alex came to the realization that when someone tells you to be on your best behavior, you are naturally not going to want to, out of spite. He thought it was a cool idea to provoke that reaction in people.

Best Behavior is known for their crazy shows, so we tried to get to the bottom of what they focus on in order to get people really psyched about them. Alex described a meditative approach saying, “when you’re playing a show, it goes by quickly and you have to slow down and live in that moment and appreciate all these people watching you.” He went on to explain the importance of paying attention to everyone in the crowd in order to have this conversation of vibe and attention.

Recently, Best Behavior got to work with Justin Gerrish, who is a badass producer and musician who has worked with many different artists including Vampire Weekend. We found out that he saw them play and started the conversation about working together in the studio. Because Justin has most experience in drumming, Alex felt he was able to bring a lot to the table including some areas they needed guidance in. Alex talked about how Justin’s drumming background was key to them saying, “He was able to hone in on some nice grooves in the way that the patterns work. The drum groove is so important to how the song makes you feel, so he was able to assist in that a lot.” Best Behavior puts a huge focus on the feeling they create in listeners and their fans. While discussing the industry and where it is going Alex explained that the fans have become the most important part saying, “it’s really about fans more now than ever.” He explained that bands shifting towards putting music out independently with the DIY trend instead of with a label because labels just want the numbers and your fans. Now that the fans are so important, he felt there is not one huge label that is going to take you out of no where and put you at the top. This is making music more accessible to bands of all genres and all types of fans.

We had to ask Alex what his craziest stories of shit that happened to him in the music scene and he did not disappoint. He talked about one show they played on tour in Richmond, Virginia in the middle of summer when it felt like 123 degrees. Alex remembered it being the sweatiest they had ever been, and thinking that everyone was going to die. Despite the heat, they went on with their show. He explained that, “The rock gave everyone the life to continue,” and he had, “no idea how we lived.”

Lastly, we got the details on their favorite spot to hang out in New York City. Alex claimed that their spot is Trademans Bar in Bushwick, and described it as their headquarters saying they love it there. <<