We are Shameless and It's Not That Deep

>> A couple of weeks ago our talented friend Olivia O'Brien released an EP, It's Not That Deep. With the release of the newest season of Shameless I wanted to go track by track through the EP and find a character that reminds me of each track.

"Tequilawine" - Veronica Fisher a.k.a "V", sassy and full of power. It helps that "V" is part owner of a bar but this song perfectly resembles her, at least to me. This track is the embodiment of "V"; The way she brushes her problems away and tries to ignore them until she can't anymore.

"Fuck Feelings" - Fiona Gallagher, strong and has a lot of relationship troubles. Throughout the seasons it seems like Fiona goes from shitty relationship to even shittier relationships. This track reminds me of Fiona because of her distrust of people, distrust of her self and her own feelings, and recklessness to escape the many responsibilities.

"Empty" - Lip Gallagher, smart but his own worst enemy. I had so much hope and faith in Lip to actually be the one to rise up and take control of his life and get out of this shit storm, yet he kept getting in his own way to fuck up shit. All of the stress and pressure on Lip, to become something more than a poor kid from the bad side of town, made him crack. Depression is a real bitch and it affects a lot of us. We see that with a majority of characters in Shameless.

"No Love" - Mickey Milkovich, reminds me of his love/relationship with Ian Gallagher. Ian and Mickey had a tough relationship from the start. This song reminds me of their on-again/off-again toxic relationship and how different they became as they grew up and apart.

"RIP" - Jimmy Lishman, his relationship with Fiona Gallagher and all of his lies. "I swear it's like I don't even know you / Yeah, I miss the old you / I kinda want to fight like we used to / To make it alright like we used to." Fiona and Jimmy's relationship was a rollercoaster shit show of emotions, very similar to these lyrics.

If you don't already watch Shameless you better get on that! It will trap you in the messy lives of the Gallaghers, which is a nice break from bleak reality. Also you can check out Olivia O'Brien's new EP, It's Not That Deep, below! <<