>> Izzy Bizu is a pop-infused R&B artist from South West London, England. She has opened for artists such as Sam Smith and Coldplay, and was featured in the song “Bad Things” by the German duo Milky Chance. While walking across the London Bridge, Izzy shared some of her experiences with Floated.

Opening for Coldplay “was surreal...they bring everyone together. Very powerful. It was nice to be reminded of why we are doing this” said Izzy. She is as impacted by her fans, as her fans are by her. Musical talent and recognition does not separate her from her community, but rather strengthens her connection with others.

Likewise, Izzy’s collaboration with Milky chance extended beyond musical technique. She spent time writing songs at their house, and said it was, “Really fun playing with them. I really enjoy their company not as musicians but as people, they’re really great people!” Floated also had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Milky Chance earlier this year.

If Izzy had a time machine and could collaborate with any artist, she says that she would love to work with Marvin Gaye. She is drawn to how, “he doesn’t care about where he is going to go in a song. He changes it up, it’s crazy! When you listen just go on this journey with him and it feels really honest.”

Izzy’s journey across the globe inspires her to create, “the people I am around and the energy that they make, make me feel.” As part of her latest travels, Izzy will be performing at the Wonderfruit Festival this Thursday, December 14th in Thailand! Then, she will travel back to London for the holidays to see family and friends.

As 2017 reaches its end, and the new year begins, Izzy is most excited for “New music! More traveling!” After her last album, A Moment of Madness, that was released in 2016, she is planning on dropping a new album soon. Although she could not say when the new album will drop, she says that throughout the process “I’m discovering new things about myself.” Floated eagerly awaits for her new music and hopes that her safe travels fuel her talent and creativity! <<