The Regrettes - Live in Rochester, NY

On December 5th I went to check out one of my new favorite acts, The Regrettes, play at the Montage Music Hall in Rochester, NY. They were on tour supporting another Floated favorite, SWMRS, alongside a band called The Interrupters. I arrived just after the opening act had gone on stage. They were a local band from Syracuse that was pretty fun (as they'd brought a lot of their fans), but seemed like they were stuck in 2001 and hadn't adapted since (but trust me, they would have SLAYED it back then).

The Regrettes time to shine finally arrived, and they walked on stage with one hell of a presence, confidence oozing from their eyeballs. But seriously, the entire band had that fire in their eyes of a kid ready to go own the whole fucking world, and nothing is gonna stop them.

Front woman Lydia Night definitely stole the show. She started on guitar, switched for a song to just a microphone, was jumping in and out of the pit, and the whole time she had this GLEAMING smile on her face as she danced and jumped around stage. Not to overshadow the rest of the band - who were extremely tight in their performance, they are definitely professionals.


The highlight of the (way too) short set was one some drunk motherfucker in the crowd decided he needed to stand out between songs and screamed "WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE INTERRUPTERS". Lydia played it super cool, laughed it off, said FUCK THAT GUY, and proceeded to dedicate their song (and my favorite) "Seashore" to that loud, drunk asshole. The chorus of "Seashore" begins with "I'm like nobody else, so you can just go fuck yourself"...well played!

I was a little bummed when they didn't give the crowd any sort of goodbye. After the last song they just walked off stage quickly, leaving us wanting a ton more!

As I walked outside to leave, I noticed security STILL yelling at that drunk asshole from the crowd. He'd gotten booted from the venue and wasn't even able to see the band he wanted.

Moral of the story: The Regrettes TEAR IT UP, and also, don't be a rude dickhead or you get kicked out of shows.

Check out their latest full length "Feel Your Feelings Fool!" and their video for the fan-dedicated "Seashore" Below!